Your Service to God

As followers of Jesus Christ, our mission is to live our life in service to God.  That can mean something completely different for each and every one of us.  We serve God by serving others.  We serve God with the talents and resources he provides; our service to God is therefore uniquely dependent on our personal circumstance.  Below is a collection of links to various blog posts that are concerned with serving God and our personal connection to God.  I encourage you to pick one that resonates with your current situation and take a few minutes to read the post; then spend the rest of the day considering and praying about every aspect of what you’ve read.  Let the Holy Spirit guide you to any needed changes.  I pray the wisdom of God will fill your mind and His love will fill your heart as you consider ways to increase your service to God.


Prominent Pastors Share Their Thoughts On Serving God  (4 minutes)

Pastors John Piper, Rick Warren, Joyce Meyer, Billy Graham, Charles Stanley, and Tony Evans share thoughts on what it means to serve God.

Serve the Lord with All Your Heart

Serve the Lord with All Your Heart  (3 minutes)

You are not alone – God is with you.  All by yourself, connected to the power of God, much can be accomplished.

Serving God by Serving Others Together

Serving God by Serving Others Together  (4 minutes)

Serving God by serving others together as a team insures greater impact from increased capabilities and multiplied power.

God Wants to Meet With You

God Wants to Meet with You  (6 minutes)

If you meet with God and accept His free gift of salvation through Jesus, you will come to know God in a profoundly personal way.

Building a Christian Church 2

Building a Christian Church (6 minutes)

Building a Christian church should definitely include a dedicated effort to do everything possible to provide as anyone might have need.

Why you cannot serve God and money

Why You Cannot Serve God and Money  (4 minutes)

The reason you cannot serve God and money is because the devotion to money can inflict serious harm to your life.

The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth  (4 minutes)

The meek shall inherit the earth by acknowledging they are totally inadequate and completely dependent on God.

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