Your Relationship with God

Our relationship with God is dependent on a number of things.  Our first connection to God is through His Word.  There is no more direct way to connect with God than through the pages of the Bible.  We also connect with God through prayer, worship, and in service to others.  Below is a collection of blog posts that will offer suggestions to help develop your relationship with God.  I encourage you to scan through this list and pick a post that resonates with your heart.  Spend a few minutes reading the devotional blog post of your choice and then spend the rest of the day meditating on the thoughts God brought to your mind during your study.  I pray that you will find something here that speaks to you in a meaningful way.  May you be greatly blessed by your time spent developing your relationship with God.

Play to Win

Play to Win  (3 minutes)

Our relationship with God is something that needs to be constantly developed, practiced, and improved.  We need to play to win.

reconnecting with God

Reconnecting with God  (5 minutes)

Your relationship with God is absolutely the most important aspect of your life. Reconnecting with God will provide you with great reward.

Standing in the Presence of the Lord

Standing in the Presence of the Lord  (4 minutes)

When reading the Psalm’s of King David, one thing is very clear; he desires to continually remain in the presence of the Lord.

Love Your Neighbor as You Love Yourself

Love Your Neighbor as You Love Yourself  (4 minutes)

When you are confronted by a person asking for a hand-out, if you love your neighbor as you love yourself, you will want to do something.

7 ways to be closer to god

7 Ways to be Closer to God  (6 minutes)

One of the best ways to be closer to God is to be like a child – ready to love and inclined to change. Consider the possibilities.

Actions not Words

Actions Not Words  (4 minutes)

If you’re a mature Christian, actions not words should dominate your walk with the Lord. It’s time to get on your feet.


God Will be With You  (3 minutes)

Know that when you travel through cyberspace, God will be with you. Listen carefully to the Holy Spirit for opportunities to share your faith.