You are God’s Treasure

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God made humans to be dependent on him.  At the same time, God made humans to have a mind of their own.  As a result, many people believe they can get along just fine without God.  Some of us go back and forth – trusting God when things are going well and rejecting God when life is difficult.  What is most important to understand, is the simple fact that God created us to have fellowship with him.  The whole purpose of our existence in this world is to make a connection with God; however, there are two things working against us.  First, our human nature is to be independent; and second, the enemy of God uses our human nature to push us away from God.

God’s Creation

As God’s creation, you are a precious treasure to him.  God’s wants you to succeed.  God wants you to overcome the schemes of the devil and seek to know him through a relationship with his Son, Jesus Christ.  The devil, who is the enemy of God, wants you to turn your back on God, ignore Jesus, and go your own way.  Through the death and resurrection of Jesus, God has made it possible for all of his creation to connect with him regardless of their misdeeds.  Even those who have been seduced by the devil can break free by placing their faith in Jesus.  As God’s treasure, you have the ability to be rescued from the death penalty placed on humanity, and the opportunity to travel into eternity with Jesus.

God’s High Standards

God has very high standards for those who seek fellowship with him.  God’s standard is absolute perfection.  God is perfect, and therefore in order to have fellowship with him you must also be perfect.  As God’s precious treasure, we were created to achieve our perfection in his power, not our own. When we demonstrate our love for God through our faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus, we are assigned God’s standard of perfection known as righteousness – meaning to be right with God.  God does not want his treasure to be snatched up by the enemy; therefore, he has provided us with a simple way to overcome the enemy and rest safely in the arms of Jesus.

Eternal Life

When we elect to follow the teachings of Jesus, we are granted eternal life in the kingdom of heaven.  Our life in this world may end, but our spirit will continue on in the kingdom of heaven.  There is a life beyond this world, and as God’s precious treasure, he wants you to be with him in his eternal kingdom.  The enemy of God wants you to believe that this world is all there is and all the difficult times we endure in this life are proof that God doesn’t exist.  God wants you to understand that the challenges in this life are preparation for your eternal existence with him.  This life is only a tiny part of your eternal existence; however, this life is the critical moment that is your key to forever.  When we trust Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we establish our place as part of the precious treasure of God.


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