What’s Wrong with Religion?

Skye Jethani starts his book by telling us everyone is religious.  He says that whatever way we seek to gain control over the world, is in fact our religion.  He goes on to suggest that your ultimate concern, which could be wealth, power, relationships, or whatever, essentially is our god.  Your god provides a sense of meaning and control and is therefore your religion.

Jethani believes that religion, while promising to remove our fears, only makes the world a more dangerous place.  He argues that using God to achieve our dreams is spiritual consumerism.  And he details why he believes using religion to change the world is a waste of time.  His arguments are well thought out and meticulously detailed in a style that’s easy to understand.  Jethani gets right to the point in each chapter which makes for a quick read.

In the end, Jethani tells us God doesn’t care about obedience or disobedience; he cares about our presence. He tells us that because our God consists of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, it is clear that the foundation of our universe is relational.  Therefore, the answer is not religion, but the answer is to abide with Jesus; to essentially become part of the Trinity.  The secret to this connection is love.  The bottom line as Jethani sees it, is not to live for God but to live with God.

Overall, this is a well thought out description of how we approach religion and our relationship with God.  Jethani takes the time to unpack his uncommon perspective in a manner that will cause the reader to look at religion from a completely different point of view.  You will come away from this read with a deeper understanding of your own connection to religion and God.

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