War Room

“War Room” is the story of a troubled marriage rescued by prayer.  Tony and Elizabeth are very successful, living in a beautiful home, enjoying all the comforts of a healthy income.  The only problem they have is the turmoil in their marriage.  Tony is growing more demanding and Elizabeth is unyielding and always ready to fight his selfish nature.  These are not happy people and their discord is starting to damage the well-being of their young daughter.  Elizabeth is a real estate agent and she takes on a new elderly client, Miss Clara, who teaches her how to pray for her marriage.  Miss Clara makes the point that Elizabeth needs to be fighting the devil not her husband.  Miss Clara has cleared out a closet that she uses as her prayer war room and Elizabeth follows in her footsteps.  Over time, Elizabeth’s prayers are answered as God begins working on Tony and pushing him toward being a better person. In the end, Tony and Elizabeth have reconciled and have recommitted themselves to being better parents to their daughter.

I honestly appreciate the message being delivered in this film and can see it inspiring many to turn to prayer and consider God first when making decisions about their personal relationships.  This is a well-made film and the characters are enjoyable to watch; however, I wish the backstory had been better developed.  I’m not really sure how this marriage deteriorated or why the problems were not addressed sooner.  Of course, I’m sure that’s how a lot of couples feel when they get to a difficult place in their relationship.  Leaving that aside, if you simply accept that marriages fall apart, and that we often look elsewhere other than God for assistance, you will be locked into the problem this story attempts to resolve.  Prayer can most assuredly be answered by God’s miraculous power and prayer can also change us by forcing us to focus on the principles God has taught us through His Word.  For me, this is the larger concept presented in this film and one well worth considering.

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