Walking with Jesus

Being a Christian is not always easy.  In fact, the world we live in often makes following Jesus very difficult.  No matter what our struggles might be, it’s important for us to stand strong in our faith.  It’s also important for Christians to reach out to others who are having a difficult time and lift them up in a way that allows the light of Jesus to shine.  Below is a list of blog posts that will assist you in staying on track as a Christian.  The words in the post are nowhere near as important as the scripture included and the nudging of the Holy Spirit that fills your mind as you read.  I encourage you to scan through this list and pick a post that resonates with your heart.  Spend a few minutes reading that blog post and then spend the rest of the day meditating on the thoughts God brought to your mind during your study.  I pray that you will find something here that will speak to you in a meaningful way.  May you be greatly blessed by your time spent walking with Jesus.

The Empty Tomb

The Empty Tomb  (3 minutes)

God is in complete control. The empty tomb is our insurance as believers that the impossible is completely possible with God.

Preaching and Teaching

Preaching and Teaching  (3 minutes)

We can’t know what’s in the heart of those preaching and teaching the Bible. Test all with your own study of the Word of God.

Your Faith in God

Your Faith in God  (2 minutes)

Your faith in God is the assurance that all will be made right.  In time, every wrong will be corrected. In time, all suffering will vanish.

Finding Ways to Serve God

Finding Ways to Serve God  (5 minutes)

Your decision to follow Jesus is a decision to spend your life serving God.  The teachings of Jesus are filled with ways to serve God.

How to Please God

How to Please God  (3 minutes)

The primary way we please God is by following the teachings of Jesus. In order to please God, we need to be thankful.

Christians are Different

Christians are Different  (3 minutes)

Christians are different.  That difference is fueled by love manifested in service to others with an understanding heart.

The Roller Coaster of Life

The Roller Coaster of Life  (3 minutes)

Even in death, God has the power to overcome.  It is that same God who provides us with the strength to overcome our everyday trials.