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WORSHIP SERVICES The Word of God woven together with music.

BRIEF DEVOTIONALS:  It only takes a few minutes to connect with God.

ESSENTIAL DOCTRINES OF CHRISTIANITY:  The foundation of our faith!

STEPS: A step-by-step process to help you move closer to God!

PATH TO DISCIPLESHIP:  How to become a disciple of Jesus Christ!

HOW TO SERVE GOD TODAY:  A long list of ways you can start serving God right now!

STORIES:  Inspiring examples of how people are serving God!

SERVING GOD:  Devotional essays focused on moving closer to God.

THE TEACHINGS OF JESUS A focus on the specific teaching of Jesus Christ

THE 90 DAY BIBLE READING PROGRAM:  Read the Bible from cover-to-cover in 90 days!

A TRIP THROUGH THE BIBLE:  A collection of selected Bible verses from Genesis to Revelation that will take you through the whole Bible in about two hours.

LESSONS FROM THE BIBLE:  The substance of the entire Bible in less than 2 hours reading!

BIBLE STUDY:  Suggestions on how to get the most from your Bible study.

BOOK OF JAMES One of the most important books of the Bible.

BOOK OF JOHN:  The gospel according to John.

BOOK OF ACTS:  The beginnings of the Christian church.

BOOK OF ROMANS:  Some of the most important teaching in the Bible.

THE ARMY OF CHRIST:  How to prepare yourself to stand firm against the devil!

BOOK REVIEWS:  Expand your faith by expanding your understanding through education!

MOVIE REVIEWS:  A guide to finding faith-based entertainment!

VOLUNTEER:  Find an organization that can use your talent and resources!

THE BIBLE QUIZ:  Have fun testing your Bible knowledge!

INDEX: Blog posts by category.

All POST:  Every post ever created in chronological order.

CONTACT:  Share your thoughts, concerns, or suggestions.

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