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Online Worship Experience

ONLINE WORSHIP SERVICES:  The Word of God woven together with music.

Do it for Jesus

Do it for Jesus!  Stories about college students Josh & Emily discovering lessons from the Parables of Jesus.

FB Salvation

The Church in America:  Is the Church in America fulfilling its mission?

Savior Connect Music

Worship Music:  Brief Bible study devotionals accompanied with music videos.

The Parables of Jesus - 2

BRIEF DEVOTIONALS: It only takes a few minutes to connect with God.

Essential Doctrines of Christianity

ESSENTIAL DOCTRINES OF CHRISTIANITY:  The foundation of our faith!


STEPS: A step-by-step process to help you move closer to God!

Path to Discipleship

PATH TO DISCIPLESHIP:  How to become a disciple of Jesus Christ!

How to Serve God Today

HOW TO SERVE GOD TODAY:  A long list of ways you can start serving God right now!

Storeis One

STORIES:  Inspiring examples of how people are serving God!


SERVING GOD:  Devotional essays focused on moving closer to God.

Follow the Teaching of Jesus

THE TEACHINGS OF JESUS:  A focus on the specific teaching of Jesus Christ

The 90 Day Bible Reading Plan

THE 90 DAY BIBLE READING PROGRAM:  Read the Bible from cover-to-cover in 90 days!

A Trip through the Bible

A TRIP THROUGH THE BIBLE:  A collection of selected Bible verses from Genesis to Revelation that will take you through the whole Bible in about two hours.

Lessons from the Bible - 2

LESSONS FROM THE BIBLE:  The substance of the entire Bible in less than 2 hours reading!

Bible Study

BIBLE STUDY:  Suggestions on how to get the most from your Bible study.

Book of James

BOOK OF JAMES One of the most important books of the Bible.

Book of John

BOOK OF JOHN:  The gospel according to John.

The Book of Acts

BOOK OF ACTS:  The beginnings of the Christian church.

Book of Romans

BOOK OF ROMANS Some of the most important teaching in the Bible.

Building the Army of Christ Serving God

THE ARMY OF CHRIST:  How to prepare yourself to stand firm against the devil!

Thru the Bible Review

BOOK REVIEWS:  Expand your faith by expanding your understanding through education!

Double Scroll

MOVIE REVIEWS:  A guide to finding faith-based entertainment!


VOLUNTEER:  Find an organization that can use your talent and resources!


Diet 2

The Eat Anything You Want and Lose All the Weight You Want Diet