Trusting Jesus

Most of us have experienced disappointment by a friend or family member.  Many of us have even experienced disappointment through the actions of a trusted leader or pastor.  All humans are imperfect and prone to stumble or fall victim to selfish motives.  The one person we can trust completely is Jesus Christ.  Jesus will never disappoint.  Jesus delivers on all of his promises.  In the list of blog posts found below you will likely find a topic that appeals to your current life situation.  I encourage you to take a few minutes and read that post while listening closely to the voice of the Holy Spirit opening your heart and mind.  Allow those thoughts to carry you through your day and bring you into a new understanding of your relationship with God.  I pray you will find a new connection to God and a reaffirmation of your reasons for trusting Jesus.

Light in the Darkness

Light in the Darkness  (2 minutes)

There is nothing better than your service to others to reveal God’s love to those living in darkness. Let your light shine!

Pointed in the Same Direction

Pointed in the Same Direction  (3 minutes)

Followers of Jesus Christ should all be pointed in the same direction, working together to share the gospel and serve God by serving others.

Apples and Oranges

Apples and Oranges  (3 minutes)

Just as an apple tree will not produce oranges, a life focused on self-gratification will not produce a spiritual connection to God.

Christian Fuel

Christian Fuel  (2 minutes)

As a Christian, love is the fuel that burns in your heart to keep you following in the footsteps of Jesus.


Balance  (3 minutes)

How do you manage your time? For those of us who are followers of Jesus Christ, following God’s will in our life should be preeminent.


Transformed   (3 minutes)

God is in complete control and can instantly turn hatred into love.  God can make the blind see and He can bring the dead back to life.

Be the Peacemaker

Be the Peacemaker  (3 minutes)

Use your wisdom from God to make peace.  Your loving heart will have far more impact on the situation than anything the enemy can devise.

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