To Heaven and Back

Stories of people dying and returning back to life after a visit to heaven are not all that uncommon.  Many of these stories have similarities and often seem like a retelling of someone else’s story.  Frankly, I have a hard time believing some of these accounts.  I often dismiss them as vivid dreams or medication induced hallucinations.  Doctor Mary Neal’s story found in her book “To Heaven and Back,” is different.  Dr. Neal is a well-trained orthopedic surgeon, a scientist, with a complete understanding of the difference between hallucinations and reality.  Dr. Neal drowned in a kayak accident, pinned underwater for several minutes before being dragged to shore; it then took several more minutes for her to be revived and brought back to life.

Dr. Neal will tell you the reason it took so long is because she was quite content in heaven and did not wish to return to this world.  Only after some instructions from angels, and perhaps Jesus, she was convinced she had more important work to do on earth.  Reluctantly, Dr. Neal stepped back into her lifeless body and began to breathe again, much to the amazement and delight of her rescuers.

Surprisingly this was not Dr. Neal’s first miraculous experience, or her last.  Her book chronicles what she believes to be an intervention by God in a horrible car crash, also while stranded on a deserted back road in Mexico, and in a near death experience while scuba diving, as well as part of her recovery after her drowning accident.  This book is far more than one story about a trip to heaven.  This book details several encounters that will provide you with hope and deeper spiritual awareness.

Dr. Neal’s story about her trip to heaven and back is the most convincing account of such an event I have ever read.  She is adamant about her trip being as real as every other moment of her day.  There is absolutely no chance of delusions, dreams, or hallucinations – this was real.  I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Neal’s straight to the point writing style with short content rich chapters.  From beginning to end, I found To Heaven and Back to be an inspiring and enriching account of what I believe to be an honest encounter with God.

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