Thru the Bible

You can’t serve God if you don’t know Him.  The only true way to know God is through the study of His Word.  Every Christian should read the Bible from cover-to-cover, and you will benefit greatly if you take that journey with a trusted teacher.

Without question the best work ever written for complete Bible understanding is the “Thru The Bible” commentaries written by Dr. J. Vernon McGee.   Reading through this five volume set is like sitting down with your grandfather and having him personally walk you through the Bible verse-by-verse.  This is not your typical reference style commentary; this is a far more readable commentary, written for the common Bible student who wants to have some authoritative guidance along the way.  Dr. McGee offers wonderful practical illustrations in a warm and friendly style that is comfortable and enjoyable.  I was privileged to hear Dr. McGee speak live on three occasions before he went to be with the Lord; each time I felt I was hearing testimony from a man who just came from a meeting with Jesus.  Dr. McGee was a man pure of heart and an undeniable devotion to the Lord.  I can’t recommend this work highly enough.

Of course it’s hard to set aside time every day to study the Bible; nevertheless, I will guarantee you if you take up this challenge and discipline yourself to work your way through the entire Bible, your life will be changed forever.  Reading sections here and there just will not give you the kind of clear picture of God you can get by studying this work from cover-to-cover.  Think of any other large literary work you’ve read in the past.  Would you ever consider reading the last few chapters first and then just a few chapters randomly?  Would that give you a clear understanding of what the author was trying to convey?  I’m praying for the Holy Spirit to convict you right now to make a commitment to study God’s Word from cover-to-cover.  You will, without question, be greatly blessed by the experience.

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