Thinking About God

Most of us have a lot on our mind.  The world we live in can be a never ending challenge of time management, financial struggles, relationship maintenance, and finding the right path forward.  As followers of Jesus, we should always be focused on God’s place in our life; however, the enemy works hard to push us off in the wrong direction and keep us distracted.  Compiled below are seven blog posts designed to help you organize your thoughts about God.  I encourage you to scan through this list and pick a post that resonates with your heart.  Spend a few minutes reading the blog post of your choice and then spend the rest of the day meditating on the thoughts God brought to your mind during your study.  I pray that you will find something here that will speak to you in a meaningful way.  May you be greatly blessed by your time spent thinking about God.

The Scientific Path to God

The Scientific Path to God  (4 minutes)

If you’re looking for God to appear in some scientific equation, you’re wasting your time.  God is revealed through the heart, not the mind.

With God there are no limits

With God there are No Limits  (5 minutes)

You need to share God’s love with those around you.  This is an awesome responsibility.  Fear not.  God is with you and He has no limits.

Learning from the Past

Learning from the Past  (5 minutes)

When you listen to someone teaching the Word of God, you should see Jesus and not the person delivering the message.

Crucified with Christ

Crucified with Christ  (5 minutes)

Have you been crucified with Christ?  Have you let your old self die to live a new life as a follower of Jesus?

What Does Fellowship Mean

What Does Fellowship Mean?  (2 minutes)

What does fellowship mean?  Christian fellowship starts with Jesus.  There can be no Christian fellowship without Jesus.

Working for God

Working for God  (3 minutes)

Your motivation for serving God by serving others is an essential factor.  Are you working for God or are you working for man?

Where are you at spiritually

Where are You at Spiritually?  (8 minutes)

It’s important for us to stop and carefully consider our walk with the Lord and make certain we are on the right path.

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