The Way Forward

Every day is a new beginning.  Every day is a new path forward.  Sometimes the direction we travel seems to be forced on us by the necessities of life.  Sometimes we allow our selfish desires to lead the way and travel off in the wrong direction.  Still other times, we find ourselves at a crossroad with an opportunity to make a change.  I encourage you to take some time right now and consider your next move.  Pick one of the posts listed below and spend a few minutes reading and digesting the scripture that’s included.  Let God guide you as you read, and perhaps you will discover some clear evidence of the way forward.

Stand Up for Jesus!  (5 minutes)

Stand up for Jesus by following his teaching and demonstrating to those around you the value of knowing our Savior Jesus Christ.

Change  (3 minutes)

We can’t be resistant to change.  As followers of Jesus Christ, the path we take needs to be His path and not our own.

A Ready Servant  (3 minutes)

Jesus will return one day. There’s nothing we should want more than to be found to be a ready servant on His arrival.

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