The Unmiracle

God is weaving us all together in complex ways that often go unnoticed.  Every event in our life has the potential to impact another life which can in turn impact another.  Sometimes these connections are seen and other times they go by lost in the mix.  The Unmiracle is one such tale of God working in a small community to weave His love through the hearts of several different individuals.

Kayla Stevenson is the local party girl, well-known for her promiscuous ways.  Kayla has recently attached herself to Danny who believes she is his girlfriend but in truth she is using him to score drugs.  Danny’s former Marine brother, Mike, is back from war and is lost in a PTSD laced stupor of alcohol and pills.  It’s easy for Danny to pocket a few pills for Kayla when he visits his often incoherent brother.  At a local party, Danny supplies Kayla with pills, a drug pusher at the party supplies her with cocaine, and one of Danny’s friends, Dean, supplies her with heroine.  This combination ends up leaving Kayla in a coma and all those involved in supplying her with drugs are exposed to murder charges if she doesn’t pull through.

Danny’s friend, Arin, is the one who saves Kayla from dying at the party by calling 911.  He’s the only one willing to make the call because he’s the only one who doesn’t get high – he’s a devoted Christian.  Arin serves as the thread of God that weaves its way through the hearts of all of these characters.  In the end, it’s Arin’s work that sends Danny to a local pastor for help, and helps Kayla’s estranged father reconnect with his daughter.

The Unmiracle has a complex storyline with a haunting dose of reality.  The problems and attitudes presented are all too common.  What’s uncommon about this film is the deeper thoughts exposed by these characters that drives a narrative of connectedness.  One little misstep can turn your whole life around.  One little positive or negative nudge from a friend or acquaintance can turn your whole life around.    It is when the thread that’s holding us all together is revealed and God is allowed to take control,  that everything changes.

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