The Teachings of Jesus

The Bible is the most important document known to mankind.  Within the pages of the Bible, we learn about our Creator, we learn about the battle between good and evil, and we learn about our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Every page of the Bible is important; however, there is one element in the Bible that stands out as the most important instruction ever recorded – that is the teachings of Jesus.

The Old Testament of the Bible delivers a stern message of an awesome God who demands righteousness.  Over and over again, human frailty prevented mankind from achieving the righteousness God was seeking.  God allowed humanity to stumble for hundreds of years in order to establish, without a doubt, our inability to achieve the righteousness of God.  The only way to achieve the righteousness God demands is through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

“This righteousness is given through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe.”  Romans 3:22

It is through faith in Jesus Christ, that we achieve the righteousness required by God to overcome our selfish human nature and become children of God.  By trusting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we are once again granted eternal life as God first intended for us to have.  We become free from the devil’s curse of death when we focus on following in the footsteps of Jesus.

This collection of Brief Bible Devotionals will take you through some of the most important landmarks in the teachings of Jesus.  I encourage you to read them one at a time followed by an entire day of reflection.  My prayer is that you will allow the teachings of Jesus to play a significant role in your daily life.  It doesn’t matter if you’re already familiar with these teachings or they are completely new to you.  By taking the time to focus on these lessons one at a time, you will be invigorating your spiritual well-being with the words of the most important teacher who ever walked the earth – our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Temptation  (4 minutes)

Stay in the Word of God and the Word of God will stay in you, protecting you from the schemes of the devil.

Born Again

Born Again  (3 minutes)

Jesus gave Nicodemus the simple instruction that he only needed to believe and trust Jesus to be born again.

Truth and Light

Truth and Light  (3 minutes)

There is no coercion on the part of our Lord – He’s made the offer and it’s up to us to move toward the light.

Living Water

Living Water  (3 minutes)

Jesus had offered Himself as Messiah-Savior to the Samaritans and many were eager to drink from the well of living water.

Jesus is Lord

Jesus is Lord  (2 minutes)

Jesus made a substantial case for his deity and the New Testament provides us with an overwhelming revelation of the truth – Jesus is Lord

A Gift From God

A Gift from God  (3 minutes)

Jesus came to let us know that righteousness can only be attained through the absolute, unalterable holiness of God.

Salt and Light
Salt and Light sign with salt shaker and lightbulb.

Salt & Light  (2 minutes)

As a follower of Jesus Christ, what you say and how you act, should lead others to Jesus and glorify your heavenly Father.

Ten Commandments

The Law  (4 minutes)

Jesus demonstrated that a critical ingredient was missing from the practice of the law – the spirit of the law was being neglected.

close up of unhappy woman praying god at funeral
burial, people and mourning concept – close up of unhappy woman praying god at funeral

For the Right Reasons  (3 minutes)

True righteousness seeks the will of God and His blessing without recognition from others. True righteousness does not seek attention.

Wooden carved word of the Lord's Prayer on the grey concrete background.
Wooden carved word of the Lord’s Prayer on the grey concrete background. Stucco background.

The Lord’s Prayer  (3 minutes)

The Lord’s Prayer demonstrates that prayer is a simple personal conversation with God and not a spectacle designed to impress those listening.

Your Treasure

Your Treasure  (3 minutes)

Our most precious treasure is that which has been generated by a heart focused on serving God by serving others.

Trust the Pilot

Trust the Pilot  (2 minutes)

Jesus taught that we are to dedicate our lives to serving God and allow Him to take control of our lives guiding us to our destination.

The Plank in Your Eye

The Plank in Your Eye  (3 minutes)

Rather than judging others, we are far better off to offer understanding and actually provide assistance of some kind.

Rock Foundation

Rock Foundation  (3 minutes)

The only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ. When you stand firmly on that, understand your salvation is secure.

The Harvest Field

The Harvest Field  (3 minutes)

The harvest is plentiful and the workers are few today.  Is God calling you out into the field to seek and save the lost?

Sharing the Good News

Sharing the Good News  (2 minutes)

When we venture out to share the gospel with anyone, we are traveling with Jesus.  And if we are traveling with Jesus, we are doing God’s work.

My Yoke is Light

My Yoke is Light  (2 minutes)

When you take on the yoke of Jesus, you are making a commitment to follow His teaching central of which is to love your neighbor.


Resurrection  (3 minutes)

Our response to Jesus Christ determines our eternal destiny. Jesus rose from the dead and has taken his place at the right hand of God.

Bible Study

Bible Study  (3 minutes)

Jesus is not interested in followers who take shortcuts or are so distracted with life they are not fully devoted to His teaching.


Germination  (2 minutes)

The moment a new believer blossoms into a sincere follower of Jesus Christ, God is quick to gather that ripe fruit into His kingdom.


Weeds  (3 minutes)

Our eternal existence must somehow be enhanced by the experience of sorting through good and evil on a daily basis.

One Man

One Man  (2 minutes)

Christianity was started by one man – Jesus – who was sent by God to the earth to save humans from death caused by unrighteousness.

Bread Making

Bread Making  (3 minutes)

Jesus did not teach some theoretical doctrine.  He turned on a light to reveal the inner workings of God’s Creation.

A Fine Treasure

A Fine Treasure  (2 minutes)

God has provided us with a way to conquer our human nature and achieve eternal life with Him in the kingdom of heaven.

Panning for Gold

Panning for Gold  (3 minutes)

When we make a decision to follow Jesus, and put our faith in Him, we become more valuable than gold nuggets and become children of God.


Humility  (2 minutes)

If we truly trust God, we will follow the path He places before us without hesitation. His will above our own should be our focus.

What Matters

What Matters  (2 minutes)

What matters is that you have put your faith and trust in Jesus.  We should be all about encouraging others to do the same.


Forgiven  (2 minutes)

Every misstep is an opportunity to demonstrate God’s love and mercy by offering unconditional forgiveness to our fellow believers.


Deception  (2 minutes)

When Jesus returns, all of the false teachers will suffer greatly for their selfish gain gathered by exploiting God’s Word.

17The Enemy

The Enemy  (2 minutes)

The enemy will one day be completely destroyed.  Until that day, stay close to Jesus, and you too will find victory.


Greed  (2 minutes)

Those who do not know God run around chasing material wealth.  Those who know God rest in the knowledge that He will always take care of them.

Ready to Serve

Ready to Serve  (2 minutes)

Followers of Jesus Christ should be prepared.  We don’t know when Jesus will return so we need to be ready every moment of every day.

Vineyard with rows of grape vine in sunrise, sunset with old building, villa on top of the vine yard, traditional authentic European winery
Vineyard with rows of grape vine in sunrise, sunset with old building, villa on top of the vine yard, traditional authentic European winery, Slovenske Konjice, Slovenia

The True Vine  (3 minutes)

There is no better friend than Jesus.  That friendship is available to anyone willing to listen to His instruction.


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