The Salt and Light of Jesus

The biblical accounts of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus were handed down to us from events that happened over two thousand years ago.   Those of us who have trusted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, have no doubt about the validity of these biblical accounts because we have been convicted by the Holy Spirit of God.  But those yet to be converted are left with an unbelievable mystery that still needs to be resolved.  It is the duty of believers to share the good news in the same manner we would if we were, in fact, eye-witnesses.  If you were one of those who watched Jesus being crucified and then several days later saw him alive – how would you react?  Would you tell everyone you know?


Jesus made it clear to those who were following him that they needed to share their experience with others; however, simply telling the story is not enough.  Jesus said that just as salt makes people thirsty for water, the lives of believers should be such that they make unbelievers thirsty to know the Lord.  Jesus expects his followers to share his story and more importantly, live a life that exemplifies Christ-like behavior.  Jesus said that followers who do not exhibit this saltiness are worthless. Indeed, a true believer is to be the “salt of the earth.”


When we truly walk in the footsteps of Jesus, loving God, and loving our neighbor, our lives shine with the light of Jesus.  There are some believers, especially in the hostile world we live in today, who keep their faith quiet in order to avoid negative encounters.  This is understandable, but in order to be true followers of  Jesus, we need to refrain from trying to hide the light that is burning in our hearts.  Jesus makes the point that light is not created to be hidden.  Jesus stresses the importance of living a life that glorifies our Father in heaven, because his followers are the light of the world.

Share the Good News

The gospel is a message of hope for all and should be shared at every opportunity.  As a believer, what you say and how you act, should lead others to Jesus.  Followers of Jesus have a particular influence on this world that needs to be nurtured and maintained.  We’ve all heard the phrase, “actions speak louder than words” and this is the message Jesus is sharing with his salt and light teaching.  Believers don’t need to be expert Bible teachers to share the good news; they only need to live the life Jesus prescribes, filled with love for God – serving God by serving others.  This will leave those close to you thirsty to know more about where your light comes from and how they might come to know Jesus the way you do.


Salt & Light Scripture