The Rational Bible: Exodus

Dennis Prager has been teaching the Bible to people of all religions for over forty years.  His primary focus has been on the first five books of the Bible, known as the Torah.  The “Rational Bible” series is the culmination of that effort and an awesome resource for people interested in a deeper understanding of these founding documents of the Judeo-Christian faith.  As a faithful Jewish man, one might assume Prager’s perspective will be in some ways hostile to Christian believers; however, that is not at all the case.  In his introduction to the series, Prager acknowledges some of his greater understanding of the Torah comes from Christian Bible scholars.

In this series, Prager approaches the material with the intent to explain every element in rational terms, hence the commentary title.  As you read through the pages of this commentary, you will be skillfully guided in historical facts, a deeper understanding of the original language used in the writing, and how it all fits together.  Nothing needs to be accepted by faith alone; everything is carefully explained and made easy to understand.

Prager begins his series with the second book of the Bible, Exodus, because he considers it to be more informative in regards to life, law, and theology.  The book of Exodus contains the Ten Commandments, which is considered by Prager, and all Christians, to be the most important moral code in world history.

Exodus is the only volume of this series I have read to date and I look forward to completing the other four volumes.  The Rational Bible: Exodus is an easy-to-read book that makes complex details thoroughly enjoyable.  Prager writes in a comfortable, conversational style that flows seamlessly from one topic to the next.  Prager is a master of opening up the mind to deeper thought and a broader range of understanding.  Every Christian should be interested in the perspective of a Jewish man and his understanding of the Torah – Jesus was a Jewish man who was fully observant of the Torah law.