The Power of Serving Others

Many of us are caught in a seemingly never-ending cycle of racing off to work, then racing home to handle family issues, juggling one problem after another, hoping to find a moment of peace before it all starts over again.  There certainly isn’t time to look outside of our own lives or immediate family to consider helping others in any significant way.  Or is there?  Is it possible we are missing opportunities to serve others simply because we aren’t open to the possibility?  Gary Morsch and Dean Nelson believe it’s not only possible to find service opportunities within the confines of our busy lives, but absolutely essential to our own well-being and spiritual growth.

Gary Morsch, MD is the founder and president of an international medical aid organization known as Heart to Heart.  His organization provides medical assistance all over the world.  “The Power of Serving Others” details many of his experiences and chronicles some of the extraordinary acts of services to others he has witnessed over the decades.  This book is filled with wonderful stories of people giving of themselves in some of the most difficult situations imaginable.  The overarching theme of each encounter is the joy and reward found in giving, that far surpasses any amount of monetary gain.  Serving others is why we are here.  This understanding is beautifully illustrated in the pages on “The Power of Serving Others.”

The subtitle to the book is, “You Can Start Where You Are.”  And there are many stories provided that demonstrate the accuracy of this statement.  You don’t need to start an international aid organization to serve others.    Most of us have opportunities for service every single day.  It’s these small acts of service that we provide in our daily routine that can grow into an outpouring of love as our caring attitude ripples across the waters of our life.  You will come away from this read knowing for certain that there is some service you can provide today – perhaps in the next few minutes.  With only a slight tweak in our attitude, we can all take hold of the power to serve others and begin improving our own life as we improve the lives of those around us.

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