The Path to Victory

Following Jesus Christ is your path to victory.  The Bible is your guide book.  Other, more mature Christians, should be your travel companions.  Still, even the most experienced travelers will have difficulties from time to time.  The path to victory is not always easy.  There are many opportunities to get distracted and pulled off in the wrong direction.  The seven blog posts compiled below will help you to stay on target.  I encourage you to read through the list and select a post that resonates with your current position in life.  After reading your selected post, spend the rest of the day reflecting on the thoughts brought to mind during your study.  Allow the Holy Spirit to expand on the message in the post and point you to a deeper study in the Word of God.  I pray you will be greatly blessed by this exploration into your path to victory.

Our Belief in One God

Our Belief in One God  (4 minutes)

Belief in one God is central to followers of Jesus Christ.  Salvation from sin is made possible by the grace of God through faith in Jesus.

God's Origami

God’s Origami  (4 minutes)

You are a beautiful work of art being formed in loving hands. Be patient. God knows the beauty the next few folds will reveal.

God's Training Manuel

God’s Training Manual  (4 minutes)

The Bible is not a rule book; it is your training manual. Continuously study the training manual and reap the rewards.

Walk in the Light

Walk in the Light  (3 minutes)

God sent his Son to save us from our sins.  When you make a decision to follow Jesus, you have made a decision to walk in the light.

The Rolls Royce of Religion

The Rolls Royce of Religion  (3 minutes)

As Christians, our religion is to following the teaching of Jesus.  Nothing is to be added to that simple equation.

Man reading the Holy Bible

Following God’s Will  (3 minutes)

The Lord has designed our existence here in this world to reflect precisely how following God’s will can transform your life.

Growing in the Lord

Growing in the Lord  (5 minutes)

Are you growing in the Lord?  Are your roots sinking deep into the soil and are your branches reaching up toward the sun?