The Parables of Jesus

In his book “The Parables of Jesus: Lessons in Life from the Master Teacher,” Dwight Pentecost makes the point that Jesus used parables to instruct believers and to hide these truths from unbelievers who would only be burdened by the knowledge; a concept further developed in the book.  Dr. Pentecost goes on to make the point that the parables are not exclusively for the church; however, one could conclude that these teachings were foundational understanding for the followers of Jesus.  The fact that Jesus singled out these teachings to deliver in this manner seems to suggest they are among the most important messages believers are to absorb and understand.  In any event, Jesus highlighted these teachings in this special way and for that reason alone they deserve careful study.

I found this study to be transformational.  My understanding of the teachings of Jesus grew enormously as a result of reading this work.  Pentecost breaks down each parable by first introducing the setting in which the parable was delivered, followed by the problem addressed by the parable, and then the solution given by the parable.  This simple three step process is presented in easy to understand language while at the same time delivering all the detail needed to fully understand each parable.  Reading this book is truly like sitting at the feet of Jesus as he expounds on what are the most significant aspects of His teaching.

“The Parables of Jesus: Lessons in Life from the Master Teacher,” is in my mind essential reading for any follower of Jesus Christ.  Pentecost gets right to the point without adding any more commentary than is necessary for us to fully absorb that which is most important – the teachings of Jesus.

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