The Living Water of Jesus

Jesus came into this world to change everything.  Before Jesus arrived, those who worshiped God had a long list of rules that had to be carefully followed.  Some people today, shy away from Christianity because they believe those rules still apply and Christianity will somehow restrict their lifestyle.  Jesus made it clear there are actually only two rules that need to be followed to be his true follower.  The first rule is to love the God that created you.  The second rule is to love your neighbor. Anyone and everyone has the ability to meet this simple requirement.

Eternal Life

When we place our faith in the understanding that Jesus died on the cross on our behalf and rose from the dead to demonstrate his power over death, we become a recipient of what Jesus called “living water,” and we are granted the gift of eternal life.  Jesus provides us with the “living water” that fills our spirit with love for God and our neighbor.  The supernatural power of Jesus is impossible for us to fully comprehend; however, the fact that he died and rose again is an astounding miracle that should convince anyone the “living water” he is offering is real and something we should share at every opportunity.

Everyone is Qualified

No one is disqualified from receiving the “living water” Jesus provides.  Jesus went to the cross to die on our behalf so that we no longer have to fear death.  Jesus came into this world to save us from death.  Everyone who puts their faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus, receives his “living water” and is placed on a path to live forever, filled with the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit.  This guidance will direct us toward loving God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and open our heart to care more for others than we do for ourselves.

Share the Good News

This understanding should have a profound impact on all of us.  If we are sincere followers of Jesus, it should be impossible to keep this amazing truth to ourselves.  We should be running through the streets letting the world know about the “living water” of Jesus.  How can we keep this good news quiet?  How can we not share this wonderful news with everyone we come in contact with?  Of course, the reality is most people have heard this story before and many, for various reasons, have rejected this offer from Jesus as mere fantasy.  We should never forget that Jesus has an enemy in this world that works day and night to disguise the truth.  For that reason, we have to be more strategic about how we share the gospel message.

Outsmart the Enemy

The enemy of Jesus is a highly sophistic adversary that uses money, lust, and power to divert people away from God.  In addition, the enemy gives every individual a series of confusing personal events to further hide the truth, which means no two unbelievers are alike.  Sharing the good news with those who have been manipulated in this way can’t be accomplished in one simple message; it often takes years of constant, thoughtful, concerned instruction.  We’ve all heard stories of those who took a long journey to find Jesus.  If you’re a believer looking to point someone in the right direction, be diplomatic, understanding, and sincerely filled with love as you gently share nuggets of truth.  Never give up.  If you’re searching for the truth yourself – keep looking – in time you will find your way. Jesus want’s everyone to drink from the well of “living water.”  Once you step into the light of Jesus, you will be greatly blessed.


Living Water Scripture