The Book of James

The book of James was written by Jesus’ half-brother; a man who grew up with Jesus, knew him intimately, and was by his side for much of his ministry.  This book is therefore filled with the wisdom of Jesus; much of which parallels the Sermon on the Mount.  This book also leans heavily on the book of Proverbs.  The book of James is a well-crafted conglomeration of Biblical wisdom designed to point followers of Jesus Christ in the right direction.

I’ve written eleven brief blog posts on the lessons from the book of James that impacted me in my most recent reading.   Each post only takes a few minutes to read and in that time you will be connected to the Word of God through the included scripture.  I suggest you pray about each lesson and spend some time meditating on the included scripture before you move on to the next lesson.  My prayer is that this study will open your eyes in a new way when you read the book of James for yourself.  May you be greatly blessed in your effort to move closer to God.


Perseverance    (3 minutes)

The physical fitness model applies directly to our walk with Jesus.  Reaching maturity as a Christian also requires hard work and pain.

Take Control

Take Control   (3 minutes)

A single decision can dramatically damage your life going forward. How you control your emotions is paramount to your success in life.

Who is Most Worthy

Who is Most Worthy?   (3 minutes)

Every man is the same in the eyes of God.  Every man is deserving of the same respect until proven otherwise.

Salvation is a Gift from God

Salvation is a Gift from God   (3 minutes)

It is not your good deeds that have saved you from your sin; it is your faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Your Words are Like Fire

Your Words are Like Fire   (3 minutes)

We all need to take hold of the lessons learned in the Bible and speak in a manner that would make God proud.

The Road to Success

The Road to Success   (3 minutes)

Stop trying to push people out of the way to get ahead and start bringing people together. That is the true measure of success.

Peace and Joy

Peace and Joy   (3 minutes)

When you turn your back on the devil and move closer to God that is when you will discover true peace and joy.

One Judge

One Judge   (2 minutes)

Your total trust in God and His righteousness is that which will provide you with the strength to overcome this world.


Waiting   (3 minutes)

Only when Jesus returns will our ultimate success be fully realized.  We wait with awesome anticipation for our Savior.

Look in the Mirror

Look in the Mirror   (2 minutes)

The time for complacency is over.  Jesus is standing at the door.  It’s time to look in the mirror and make sure we’re ready for His return.

Living Life

Living Life   (2 minutes)

Our most important mission is to take what we have learned and put it into action.  Serving God by serving others is the path to a blessing.


The Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation