The Book of Acts

The book of Acts describes the final acts of Jesus, the acts of the Holy Spirit, and the acts of the apostles as they built the Christian church after the ascension of Jesus.  This book describes how salvation was brought first to the Jews and then to the non-Jewish followers of Jesus.  This is one of the most important foundational documents of the Christian church.  If you have already read the book of Acts, this collection of blog post is intended to remind you of those events and suggest a potentially new point of view that will expand your understanding.  If you have not yet read the book of Acts, this list of blog posts will give you landmarks to look out for.  I encourage you to turn to the scripture immediately after reading these blog posts and read the book of Acts from beginning to end.  This is one of the most important books of the Bible and I know you will be blessed by your effort to digest and fully comprehend its contents.

Lifetime Cruise

Lifetime Cruise  (4 minutes)

As followers of Jesus, we are to “do and teach” in the same manner that He demonstrated throughout His ministry here on earth.

More than Miracles

More than Miracles  (2 minutes)

Once you are connected to God through the gift of the Holy Spirit, you are in a position to be used by God in a miraculous way.

Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold  (3 minutes)

Our miraculous powers are brought to life when we stand together in service to God, following the teachings of Jesus.

Search the Word of God

Search the Word of God  (3 minutes)

If we follow religious leaders without checking their words against our own personal study of the Bible, we are turning our back on God.

The Right Hand of God

The Right Hand of God  (3 minutes)

The apostles actually enjoyed being flogged – they were proud to suffer pain like Jesus. And they continued to share the gospel.

The New Temple

The New Temple  (3 minutes)

God’s temple is now inside of all the followers of Jesus Christ where the Holy Spirit has taken up residence.

7 - Spread the Word

Spread the Word  (3 minutes)

Make an effort to share the word wherever you go, just as the Apostles and disciples did in Jerusalem, Samaria, and beyond.


Transformed  (2 minutes)

God is in complete control and can instantly turn hatred into love.  God can make the blind see and He can bring the dead back to life.

The Awesome Power of God

The Awesome Power of God  (2 minutes)

We have the ability to access the awesome power of God by going to our knees and acting out of sincere love for God.

All Are Welcome

All Are Welcome  (2 minutes)

Our mission as true believers is to make certain all feel welcome to seek and know the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ.


Church  (3 minutes)

The church as a disjointed conglomerate of varying ideologies is a diluted version of the true Christian church.

Love Like a Freight Train

Love Like a Freight Train  (3 minutes)

Persecution of the church will always exist, however there is nothing the enemy can do to slow God’s plan. God’s love is like a freight train.

Don'g Get Distracted

Don’t Get Distracted  (3 minutes)

We can’t let those trying to distract and disrupt stop us from spreading the Word.  We just need to keep going.


Mountaineering  (3 minutes)

God has a purpose for our struggle.  Praise God for every difficult step.  Like the apostle Paul, we need to continue to climb toward God.

Automatic Transmission

Automatic Transmission  (3 minutes)

Salvation by grace was the automatic transmission of the early church and put the missionary work of the apostles into overdrive.

Meandering Road

A Meandering Road  (3 minutes)

God’s path for your life is never a straight line.  It is a meandering road with a complex mixture of struggle and joy.

Idol Worship

Idol Worship  (2 minutes)

Idols can become powerful tools of manipulation for the devil to distract and consume the souls of those who are caught up in their snares.

A Difficult Journey

A Difficult Journey  (3 minutes)

When we look at the life of the apostle Paul, we have to conclude that being a follower of Jesus Christ is not a ticket to an easy life.

The Way

The Way  (3 minutes)

The apostle Paul was committed to the truth and nothing could disrupt his preaching the way of Jesus Christ.

God is in Control

God Is In Control  (3 minutes)

As a follower of Jesus Christ, we need to trust that the Lord is with us in every situation. Never let go of your dependency on Him.

God's Grand Plan

God’s Grand Plan  (3 minutes)

While the Apostle Paul’s journey to Rome was a long and difficult one, it is clear it was all part of God’s grand plan.


The Book of Romans

Book of Romans

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