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Everything God does will remain forever.

Do not be deceived:  Bad company does what?

John the Baptist was baptizing people with water but he said Jesus would baptize with what?

The Bible says that those who want to get rich are following God’s plan.

How long did the Israelites wander in the wilderness before arriving at the land of Canaan?

Paul said to overcome evil with what?

Cain, the first born son of Adam and Eve, murdered his brother Abel.

God gave Moses a staff that could turn into a snake.

Abraham sacrificed his son Isaac as a burnt offering to God.

Why did Eve eat the forbidden fruit and share it with Adam?

In the beginning God created what?

Paul said that believers are not under the law but under what?

The Lord is near to all who call upon him, in what?

Jesus said a wise man builds his house on what?

Even Satan disguises himself as what?

Believers are of God and the rest of the world is under the power of the devil.

The book of Philippians tells believers to be anxious for what?

God will not let you be tempted beyond what?

Jesus said that the gate that leads to life is what?

How were the Egyptians stopped from chasing the Israelites?

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