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Your Place in God’s Kingdom

Do it for Jesus CHAPTER SEVEN in the story of college students Josh & Emily discovering lessons from the Parables of Jesus. Parable of the Yeast Mixed in Flour – Matthew 13:33 The Kingdom of God once put into motion through salvation, is irreversible….

The Plank in Your Eye

  During the time of Christ, the religious leaders known as the Pharisees were well known for judging the actions of others.  Jesus was not against judging between good and evil.  Jesus was against assigning motives to someone else’s actions. “Do not judge, or…

Who is Most Worthy?

It’s easy to judge someone’s worth based on appearance.  We do it all the time.  When we need someone’s help in a group of unfamiliar people, we look around and make a judgment based on appearance as to who might be most capable.  Often…