Steps of Faith

Faith Huston is a young woman working as an accountant and still living at home along with one younger sister.  Faith’s mother, father, and younger sister are all regular church goers, but Faith is a once-a-month participant.  For that reason, they are surprised when she announces she has received a message from God to move to another town and begin working on a horse ranch that helps disabled children.  Faith has never been good with animals or children, so her revelation from God doesn’t seem to make sense.

Against her parent’s wishes, but with the blessing of her church pastor, Faith takes off on her adventure.    She has to apply a good measure of persistence to even get a job at the horse ranch but eventually ends up cleaning out horse stalls.  Over time she develops some horse care skills with the help of her co-worker Marshall.  The problem is the ranch boss, an older woman named Bell, is not very impressed with Faith, and is especially concerned when Faith shies away from working with the disabled children – the most important work done on the ranch.  Faith has a fear of hurting the children because of her inexperience with the horses.

When she finally confronts her fear and takes part in helping a young girl, her worst nightmare comes true and the little girl is almost thrown from the horse.  Feeling defeated, Faith leaves the ranch and is followed by her now close friend Marshall.  Faith and Marshall have become more than friends and he doesn’t want to see her run away after one mistake.  But Faith believes she has been fooling herself into believing God spoke to her because she can’t understand why God would allow her to fail. Faith decides to go back home.

After a talk with her father, Faith decides to return to the horse ranch and give it another try.  Much to Marshall’s delight, Faith returns to her job at the ranch with a renewed determination to make it work.  Faith is surprised to learn that Marshall is not just another worker, but the owner of the ranch.  Soon after returning, Faith and Marshall are married and over time she becomes a fully certified therapist working closely with the children at the ranch.

Steps of Faith is a light-hearted drama that mixes comedy with a serious story about a young woman trying to find herself and God’s plan for her life.  Faith, played by Chrystee Pharris, is a likable character with an infectious personality.  Honestly, this story could have been told with a little more character development; nevertheless, the more-or-less abbreviated plot development is enjoyable to watch.  The romance between Faith and Marshall is believable and a fun aspect of the overall story.  Following the voice of God is not always easy and this story makes the point that God does not always send us down the easiest road.  Watching Faith overcome her fear and climb the mountain God has put before her, is a powerful message and makes this film worth watching.

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