Step One – Salvation

The first step in serving God is to know who he is.


The extraordinary complexity of the earth and all of its components, including all forms of life and all of the amazing forces of nature that work together in harmony, cause me to conclude there had to be a designer and creator.  It’s impossible for me to believe the human body simply developed by pure chance.  The way our mind works, the way our bodies adapt and perform, is clear evidence there had to be a designer and a creator.

The Bible

Manuscript evidence confirms the Bible we have today is a near perfect copy of the original documents.  Hundreds of prophecies found in the Bible have been literally fulfilled, many with astounding accuracy.  The New Testament writers were so convicted by their experience and so committed to sharing their eyewitness accounts of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, they did not recant their story even in the face of death.  Most of the Apostles were killed for their faith.  I believe these men actually did witness the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  That miracle alone is enough for me to believe the Bible truly is the Word of God as Jesus said.

God’s Law

God supplied us with a conscience to discern good and evil.  I accept the Ten Commandments as the foundation of God’s Law and as a tool to reveal my God-given conscience.  When I am told in the first commandment to have no other God, I am struck by the vision of others who worship money, power, and other lustful desires as their god, and how destructive that can be.  The second commandment which tells us not to idolize the things of this world rings true in my conscience.  The third commandment reminds us to hold God’s name in reverence and that feels right in light of the fact that I believe He is the awesome Creator of the universe.  The commandments go on to tell us to set aside a day to worship God, to honor our parents, not to murder, not to commit adultery, not to steal, not to lie, and not to covet anything that is our neighbor’s.  All of these commandments fit into my God-given conscience without any hint of objection.  I believe that is because the commandments and my conscience are both creations of God.


No one can read the Ten Commandments without saying they have broken at least one.  The Bible makes it clear that if you hate someone it is equivalent to murder; because God considers what’s in your heart to be as important as your actions.  Likewise, the Bible also says that if you lust after another you have committed adultery.   The Bible also goes on to say if you have broken one commandment you have broken them all.  I believe we are all sinners and even though we may be fully committed to following God’s law, we simply do not possess the ability to live a righteous life.  For whatever reason, God has not provided any of us with that power.  The clear teaching of the Bible tells us that becaue we are sinners we are doomed to die and suffer eternal torment separated from God, unless we seek Salvation from the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Why God Created Us

I believe God created us because He is the creator.   His mission is to help us grow and be like Him, living an eternal life by His side.  The Bible clearly states that there is only one God.  God is an eternal being who has always been and always will be.  In all eternity, the time we spend here on this earth is but a moment.  God has provided us with this moment to grow in knowledge and wisdom.  Everything we encounter in this life is to that end.  The first and most important lesson we must learn is that we are nothing without God.  We need to look in the mirror of God’s law and realize we don’t even come close to His righteousness; however, God has provided us with a way to achieve that righteousness through His Son, Jesus Christ.


Achieving the righteousness of God is a simple matter of faith.  The punishment for our sinful nature is death.  Jesus Christ died on the Cross as payment for our sins and anyone can receive the free gift of eternal life, in Heaven with God, by placing their faith in Jesus, trusting Him as their Lord and Savior, and turning from sin with a heart that is focused on being a true follower of Jesus Christ.  There is nothing you have to do to receive God’s free gift of Salvation other than honestly believe in God and seek to follow Jesus with a pure heart.

Knowing Jesus

The most powerful evidence that there is a God and that the Bible is truly the Word of God comes after you’ve taken this step of faith and committed your life to Jesus.  At that moment, your eyes will be open and your mind will be set free from this world.  Everything that I stated above will then be made real to you through that transformation.  The path to that experience is traveled with an open heart, open mind, careful study of God’s Word, and sincere prayer.  This is not religion – this is a personal relationship with God and it is available to all.


Step Two – Know the Word of God