Sharing Jesus

Because of the hostile world we live in, a lot of Christians shy away from sharing the gospel.  Some believers consider evangelism the duty of qualified pastors.  Some believers simply want to avoid negative reactions from unbelievers.  Most Christians want everyone to know Jesus; however, most Christians are hoping someone else will share the good news.  Let’s face it, we have an enemy in this world that doesn’t want us to tell anyone about Jesus.  That enemy puts up roadblocks in our mind, in minds of others, and in our society as a whole.  Keep in mind, while our enemy is clever, persuasive, and relentless, he is no match for Jesus.

Walking with Jesus

Imagine what it must have been like to walk with Jesus.  Imagine what it would have been like to watch him nailed to the cross.  Now imagine what it would have been like to see him alive again three days later.  Would you tell absolutely everyone you come into contact with?  Certainly,  you would tell all of your close friends and family.  God wants us to share the good news.  God is disappointed when we don’t.  As followers of Jesus, we are to walk with him every day.  As a believer, Jesus is with you right now.  As a believer, others should be able to see Jesus with you by the way you respond to others, by the way you interact with others, and by the love you share.  The enemy’s roadblocks can easily be overcome when we let the light of Jesus shine in our lives.

Family with Jesus

As a follower of Jesus, you are a child of God and part of the family of God.  This is the most important relationship in your life.  It should be your goal to establish this same godly relationship with all of your other family members.  It should also be your goal to establish this godly relationship with all of your extended family of friends, coworkers, and regular acquaintances.  There is no question that the enemy has placed distractions in your way.  And it’s very likely that every one of your unbelieving family and friends are being constantly manipulated by the enemy.  This is why God has supplied us with a direct connection to him through the Holy Spirit.  We cannot accomplish this mission in our own power – we are to reach out and take hold of the power of God.

Eternity with Jesus

Sharing Jesus with family and friends has nothing to do with awkward encounters and everything to do with sharing God’s love.  We don’t need to conjure up the right words, or look for the right moment, or even know the right answer to all the questions any unbeliever might have.  We simply need to let God’s light shine by responding to others with love.  When we live our life in the presence of God, seeking to please him in all that we do, others will see the joy of knowing the Lord and will seek to move closer to him.  All eternity with Jesus will be our reward and our mission as followers of Jesus is to bring all of our family and friends along for the ride.


Sharing the Good News Scripture