If you are looking to put together a faith-based movie production, the following un-produced screenplays are available for your consideration.  Let me know which script you’re interested in via the CONTACT page and I’ll email you a PDF copy of the screenplay.

Walk Like Jesus


An affluent couple’s decision to spend their retirement years traveling the country helping others is derailed by breast cancer and put back on track by their undying faith in God.

Brief Synopsis:

School teacher, Sandy, decides to fight off her depression by changing her life after retirement.  Along with her husband, Alex, a successful contractor, she plots a plan to follow the example of Jesus and travel the country helping others rather than spending her retirement years pleasing herself.  Their first stop is Phoenix where they help a young man turn away from a life of crime and refocus on his new wife and baby.  Their next stop is a homeless shelter in Denver where they intend to volunteer their time; however, their mission is disrupted when it is discovered Sandy has breast cancer.  As Sandy struggles through the cancer treatment in Denver, working for the homeless shelter when she has the strength, she is confronted by her sister’s infidelity and turns her attention to solving that problem as well.  Through determination and prayer, Sandy is able to fend off cancer and depression while working to save her sister’s marriage.  Their success on the road convinces Sandy and Alex to extend their travel indefinitely – turning their temporary plan to travel the country helping others into a permanent lifestyle.

God – Your Creator


A young autistic man clings to his faith while doing battle with a ruthless competitor as he attempts to take over his deceased father’s business.

Brief Synopsis:

Paul, a high functioning autistic man in his twenties, has a dream to become a police detective.  When his father unexpectedly dies, Paul feels obligated to take over the real estate office his father spent over twenty years developing.  Even though Paul has worked as his father’s assistant for several years, because of his autism, the other two people working in the office aren’t sure he has what it takes to be a manager.

Across the street, in the competing real estate office, David Roth sees Paul’s autism as something to exploit to his advantage.  He makes a concerted effort to spread misinformation about Paul’s competency and does everything he can to steal away his clients.

Paul’s mother, who was once a ruthless real estate broker herself, supports Paul completely and helps him maneuver around David Roth and his dirty tricks.

Eventually Paul comes to the realization he’s in over his head.  Wanting Paul to succeed, his mother convinces him to turn to his detective ambitions and uncover the evidence needed to expose David Roth as the perpetrator of real estate fraud and send him off to jail.

Paul is successful at putting Roth behind bars and lets his mother take over the real estate business so he can return to his pursuit of becoming a police detective.

Jesus Freak


Six residents of a small Oregon town are transformed when a stranger visits and helps them each move closer to God.

Brief Synopsis:

A mysterious young man, Adam, hikes along the Pacific Crest Trail – a long distance hiking trail that runs from Mexico to Canada.  When he reaches the small town of Freshwater, Oregon, he leaves the trail and becomes friends with six of the local residents.

Adam carries his Bible with him as he travels and all the friends he makes in Freshwater are believers as well; each with a stumbling block that is preventing them from full contentment in their walk with the Lord.  Adam convinces the group to join him hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in search of a small village of believers who have isolated themselves deep in the wilderness.  Through their shared experiences both in Freshwater and on the trail, each of Adam’s six new friends discovers a way to open up their lives to a new understanding of what it means to follow Jesus.

In the end, Adam reveals he is not an ordinary man, but a messenger sent by God.  He then returns to the Pacific Crest Trail to continue his mission searching for those who need help moving closer to God.

The Parables of Jesus


A young college student shares the personal experiences that brought to life his study of the parables of Jesus and changed forever the way he pursues his walk with God.

Brief Synopsis:

Josh, a student at a Christian college, is inspired by a book he is reading on the parables of Jesus.  He employees the help of his close friend Emily to live out the lessons he’s learning through his study.  Over the course of the next few months Josh and Emily help out at a food bank, visit seniors at a senior care facility, assist at a homeless shelter, help paint a house, mentor a group of middle school kids, help with yard maintenance on an elderly woman’s home, develop a program to help young people connect with senior citizens, participate in a church free flea market event, help develop small groups focused on helping church members with specific needs, organize a church meeting for those seeking a deeper understanding of salvation, assist in putting together a church mentoring program, and more. Along the way they faithfully share the gospel with several people in a meaningful way.  At the end of the journey, Josh comes to the conclusion he has been making a fundamental error in his walk with the Lord.  He concludes it’s wrong to wait for Jesus to return.  Josh shares with Emily that waiting is the last thing Jesus wants believers to do.  Emily agrees with Josh, that Jesus wants us to get ready for His return by taking action – not waiting.

Pray the Devil Away


A compassionate woman tries to help a homeless single mom get away from her violent husband and discovers prayer is a valuable tool when confronting the evil that threatens the lives of all involved.

Brief Synopsis:

Angela, a former LAPD police officer, now the directory of security at a local television station, spends her time off volunteering at a downtown Los Angeles homeless shelter.  Feeling the need to do more, Angela helps a homeless single mom, Tanya, earn her security guard certificate and hires her to work at the television station.  In addition, Angela invites Tanya and her seven year old daughter Olivia to live in her spare bedroom while she saves for her own apartment.

After picking up Tanya and Olivia at the homeless shelter, Angela decides to stop at the television station to show Tanya around.  Since it is Sunday, there is no activity on the lot and it’s a perfect time for a tour.  Unfortunately, Tanya’s drug addicted husband, James, is fixated on breaking his restraining order for a chance to see his daughter.  James follows Angela, Tanya, and Olivia to the television studio and turns the evening into a horrific nightmare when he penetrates the studio security and goes in pursuit of his daughter and ex-wife.  When James begins to threaten violence, Angela calls in her SWAT team boyfriend, Travis to assist her in taking James into custody.  James counters Angela’s move by bringing in his friends with explosives and the battle ends with James leaving the lot with Angela and his seven year old daughter Olivia. James takes Angela and Olivia to his mother’s house where after a long afternoon of deception he is eventually captured by Travis and the local police.

Throughout this ordeal, Angela is assisted by her watch commander, Jessica, who pushes agnostic Angela toward trusting God by constantly turning to prayer every step of the way.  In the end, after James is in custody and everyone is safe, Angela is ready to trust God and turn to prayer herself when she opens her heart to Jesus.

Stealing the Lottery


A pastor’s son, in his thirties, who drifted away from his Christian faith in high school, gets involved in a wild scheme to steel millions from a Mexican drug cartel, all the while being pushed in the opposite direction by the memory of his now dead father.

Brief Synopsis:

A young truck driver, Max, is devastated by the loss of his job followed by the tragic death of his girlfriend.  In an effort to help Max put his life back together, his best friend, Jake, offers him a job assisting in his private investigation business.  When their corporate client inadvertently leads them to a drug cartel money laundering operation, Jake concocts a wild scheme to steal millions from the cartel.  Max, who grew up the son of a church pastor, is reluctant to join Jake’s scheme, even though he walked away from his faith as a teenager.  Only after realizing the money heist can be used to help his neighbor, Kim, escape her menacing ex-husband does Max begin to warm up to the risk.  Once Kim agrees to join in the operation the plan is put into action and conducted with flawless accuracy.  The only problem is the nagging skepticism of the local DEA agent who was in the process of investigating the cartel right before the heist.  Max, Jake, and Kim escape to a secluded island where they plan to start new lives; only to be followed by the now retired DEA agent who never believed the money was taken by a rival cartel as the other agents concluded.  Throughout the story Max is haunted by the memory of his long gone father and struggles with the morality of his actions.  In the end, the trio decides to invest the stolen money in the local island economy providing jobs for many living under difficult conditions.  The group’s social consciousness appeals to the retired DEA agent who always believed the drug war was a farce designed to keep law enforcement working.  Satisfied the drug money is being well spent the DEA agents walks away, leaving Max to follow his new love, Kim, into the local church, returning to the faith of his father.