Satan and His Kingdom

I’ve studied the Bible for many years and during that time I’ve also searched to find a definitive work on the devil.  If we honestly believe there is a God we must accept his adversary as also being real.  That being true, a case can be made that Satan should be number two on our list of most important beings to study and understand.  Know that Satan’s most potent tool is deception and you can be certain he doesn’t want you to believe he exists.  Satan doesn’t want any publicity and he’s quite happy with the cartoon characterizations and misinformation that abound.

Unfortunately for Satan, author and pastor Dennis McCallum has written a book that exposes the Devil and all his schemes.  “Satan and His Kingdom:  What the Bible Says and How It Matters to You” is truly a master work that uncovers the truth about Satan based solely on what is written in the Bible.  McCallum stays away from the extremes and sticks to what the Word of God tells us about our enemy and develops a clear strategy to fight this spiritual war.  By walking through the Bible and identifying all the recorded information about Satan, McCallum has developed a superb record of how Satan operates both inside the church and outside the church and most importantly how Satan operates inside of you and me.

This book is a must-read from my perspective.  McCallum does a fantastic job providing appropriate references and notes and organizes the material in an easy to follow progression that allows the reader to build a solid understanding of who Satan is, his role in this world and our lives, and what we need to do to stand up against his deception.  I highly recommend you pick up a copy of “Satan and His Kingdom” and get a firm grasp on who the enemy is and how to fight the spiritual battle waged against you every day.

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