Revelation Unveiled

Written by Dr.  Tim LaHaye, the coauthor of the best-selling Left Behind series, “Revelation Unveiled” is a thoroughly accessible account of what is certainly the most mysterious book in the Bible, the book of Revelation.  For most of us, reading Revelation only provides a glimpse of the end times as we wade through the often confounding prophetic language.  Buried in the depths of this confusing text, are some fascinating details on the return of Jesus and our life as believers in the world to come.  While there are many scholarly textbook style works on this topic that may provide a deeper understanding for those who are inclined to read such material, “Revelation Unveiled” is written for those of us who prefer a simple to understand version of the text.

It’s essential that all followers of Jesus Christ know and understand what is to come.  Indeed, our hope of a better world beyond this one centers on the teaching found in the book of Revelation, and “Revelation Unveiled” turns the confusing language into something straightforward and easy to digest.  If you’ve never read the book of Revelation in the Bible, I suggest you start here.  Once you have this basic understand presented by Tim LaHaye, you can better comprehend opposing points of view and the other varying interpretations of this most important final book of the Bible.

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