Obedience to God


Often, when we think of obedience, we conjure up images of working under the watchful eye of a ruthless task master.  Obedience to God is nothing like that.  Obedience to God simply means following the teachings of Jesus – not to avoid negative consequences – not to receive a blessing.  We obey God because we love him and know in our heart that His instruction and guidance is the absolute best path forward.

“For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments; and His commandments are not burdensome.”  1 John 5:3

The Purpose of Life

Following the teachings of Jesus gives our lives purpose, meaning, and makes everything we do worthwhile.  The Bible supplies us with an understanding of what it means to obey God; however, sometimes the right path forward is not perfectly clear.  As believers, we only need to listen for the nudging of the Holy Spirit to ascertain God’s choice for our lives in any given circumstance.  The more we study the Word of God and the more time we spend in prayer, the easier it will be to connect with the Holy Spirit and discern what obedience to God requires.  Keep in mind, our obedience to God in small matters is equally as important as it is in larger matters.  Small acts of service to God can lead to large blessings for us and for those who are in our sphere of influence.  Of course, we should not serve in ordered to receive a blessing, we should serve because it pleases God; however, following the teachings of Jesus always returns a blessing of some kind.

“Blessed are those who hear the word of God and follow it.”  Luke 11:28

Walking with the Lord

It’s important that we remain sensitive to God’s instruction as we go about our daily lives.  When we keep our hearts and minds focused on God, we develop a sixth sense that makes knowing God’s will a simple matter of turning one way rather than another.  Walking with the Lord is an insurance policy like no other; the benefits are tremendous. When we obey God, we will never be disappointed.  Serving God by following the teachings of Jesus, guarantees enormous reward in this life and the life to come.

“Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to reward each one as his work deserves.”  Revelation 22:12

Following God’s Direction

The world we live in has a way of overwhelming our lives with meaningless clutter.  We have an enemy that works overtime pushing us away from God and making a bold attempt to move us off in the wrong direction.  It’s important that we frequently take some time throughout our day to asses our next steps of obedience to God.  No matter what direction God is guiding you, know deep in your heart his instruction is the best course of action for you and those around you.  There is absolutely nothing as important as our obedience to God.  Following the teachings of Jesus, serving God by serving others, and sharing God’s love at every opportunity, will fill your life with joy and peace.


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