Mike Murphy


Head Shot (2)

I’ve been studying the Bible and other works written about the Bible for over 30 years.  What I’ve discovered is that many Bible scholars contradict each other.  This should not be surprising since there are several different Christian denominations that do not share the same understanding of the Bible.  Of course, when there’s a disagreement, someone must be right and someone must be wrong.  So which interpretation is the right interpretation?  I’ve come to the conclusion that there is some truth and some error in almost all interpretations.

With the above in mind, my goal has been to formulate my own interpretation.  I have great respect for all the scholarly work that has come before and do not in any way suggest my efforts are on par with those great intellectual theologians.  My conclusions are based on a conglomeration of thought from all the authors I have studied along with my own understanding of the character of God.  In the end, I lean more on prayer and the help of the Holy Spirit than I do any kind of critical analysis.  While I believe a deep study of the original languages in which the Bible was written is valuable; I also realize I do not have the intellectual capacity to undergo such a study.  For that reason, I am much more inclined to listen to my heart than the often cluttered thoughts going on in my mind.

I encourage everyone to make their own personal study of the Bible and reach their own personal understanding of God; but I realize not all are so inclined.  The Bible is not an easy book to read and fully comprehend in its entirety.  It’s not hard to get lost and confused by the complexity of thought found in the Bible.  I am deeply grateful for all those authors who have helped me find my way through the pages of the Bible and my goal now is to pass that understanding along to my readers. I am a simple man and in my writing I try to present my interpretation of the Bible in simple terms.  I’m on a search for the truth and my goal is to offer that to my readers in an easy to digest style.

I concede that some of my thoughts may be misguided or not fully informed.  I’m still a student and expect I will continue to be so until the day I go to meet my Lord face-to-face.  What I can tell you is that everything I write is a sincere effort to prayerfully get to the truth and discover what God is calling us to do.  There are no humans who are authorities on the mind of God.  The one authority you can trust is the Holy Spirit living inside of all those who have trusted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Everything you read about God or the Bible should be evaluated through that personal connection.  Nothing else matters.



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