Let God be Your Pilot

Jesus taught that obsessing over the daily necessities of life is a waste of time.  When we trust Jesus as our Lord and Savior, our lives are guided by the Holy Spirit in much the same way as a pilot flying us across the country in a passenger aircraft.  Even though we are unaware of the training level of the pilot, or the maintenance condition of the aircraft, we buckle our seat belt and try to enjoy the ride.  We essentially trust the pilot to get us where we are going.  As followers of Jesus, we need to trust God to be our pilot in life.

God is in Control

On an airplane ride, there isn’t any amount of worrying that will upgrade the condition of the air craft, change the weather conditions, or improve the pilot’s skill level.  Worrying in the passenger’s seat is a useless endeavor.  Likewise, constantly concerning yourself with the direction your life is traveling, is also a waste of time.  God is in control.  When you place your faith in Jesus and seek the will of God in all that you do, you can be certain to land safely in the kingdom of God.

Seek God’s Will

Jesus taught that seeking the will of God in your life is the first step in connecting with the Holy Spirit.  When your mind is focused on God it’s hard, if not impossible, not to find your way home.  Keep in mind, the easy route is not always the best way forward.  God knows precisely what you need and will guide your life toward total victory, even though you may need to fly through some turbulence on the way.  When you trust God as your pilot, every aspect of your life will be carefully planned to guide you safely to the kingdom of heaven.

Trust God

Wasting time worrying about the problems of life in this world is a distraction from the will of God.  Jesus taught that we demonstrate our trust in God by serving others.  When we show more concern for others rather than ourselves, we are traveling within the boundaries of God’s will. Serving God by serving others, with a pure heart, is the fuel that ignites the power of God in your life.  Every minute spent on worrying about tomorrow is a minute wasted.  Every minute spent sharing God’s love is a direct connection to the Creator of the universe.  When God is your pilot, every moment of every day will be pointed in the right direction and you can be certain to arrive safely in the eternal arms of Jesus.


Trust the Pilot Scripture