Let God be Your Guide

Sometimes it’s difficult to see what God has planned for our life.  We often feel we are going in the right direction, following what we believe is the path God provided, but it’s still unclear precisely where we are going.  Many times in the Bible, God directs individuals step by step.  If you truly have faith in God you will gladly follow Him without worrying about the final destination.  You can be certain God has a plan for your life, but He may not want you to know the details because He wants you focused on Him and not on that plan.

Walking With God

Many believers are anxious to serve God and get busy developing church activities that are designed to achieve God’s purpose without spending any time talking with God to see exactly what it is He needs.  Any plans for God should start with a loving relationship with Him.   By walking with God in a loving relationship, you will clearly see where He is working already and you can then join Him there, rather than trying to figure out for yourself what God needs.

God Working Through You

Without question, God wants that loving relationship with you far more than He wants you busy doing things for Him.  Love comes first with God.  Once that relationship is established, God will guide you toward specific things to do for Him.  In this case, God will be working through you to fulfill His goals.  You won’t need to figure out which way to go, which plans to make, or which event to schedule; God will guide you step by step.

Love God.  Love Your Neighbor.

The love of God is all you need to find your way in this world.  If you love God with all your heart, and demonstrate that love by also loving your neighbor as yourself, God will see your honest spirit and shower you with a love that surpasses all others.

Finding God on the Internet