Lessons from the Bible

The Bible is a collection of 66 different books composed by 40 different writers over 1,500 years with a total of over 700,000 words.  It takes an average reader about 70 hours to read the Bible from cover-to-cover.  Much of the Bible is easy to read and rather fascinating; however, there are large sections of the Bible that are fairly difficult to understand and some that are rather tedious.  Every word of the Bible is profoundly important and there is great reward for those who work their way through all 66 books.  Of course, not everyone has the time or patience to embark on this somewhat difficult journey.  For that reason, I have compiled this abbreviated version of the Bible that will provide you with a great deal of insight within a fraction of the time.

I’ve been studying the Bible for decades and have read the text from cover-to-cover on several occasions.  On one particular reading, I decided to stop at the end of each book and make a note of what I believed to be the most important lessons learned.  As a result, by reading these notes, you can travel through the entire Bible in about two hours of reading.  Granted, these are brief notes (in most cases) and what you will be reading is one man’s interpretation; nevertheless, this overview will have a profound impact on your overall understanding of the Word of God.

My prayer is that this will inspire you to undertake your own reading and develop your own set of notes based on the voice of God speaking to you as you read.  I believe strongly in the value of reading the Bible along with a well-qualified teacher; however, I also believe strongly in the value of reading through the Bible alone with God.  What follows is a transcript of my thoughts as I prayerfully digested the pages of the Bible.  Disregard any of my observations that do not ring true for you, and hold tightly to those notes that connect with you spiritually.  Pray for God’s guidance as you read and I know you will be greatly blessed.

Lessons from the Bible

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