Learning from Jesus

Are you spiritually healthy?  Have you taken the time to fully nourish yourself with the Word of God?  Spending time studying the teachings of Jesus, is in many ways similar to eating a healthy diet.  If we eat the wrong foods our bodies begin to act in negative ways.  We might suffer from a lack of energy, we might gain weight, we might feel sick, we might even need to see a doctor to find our way back to our desired physical health.  Consuming junk food all day or going without any food at all for extended periods of time is going to cause problems with our physical health.  Likewise, if we don’t properly nourish our spiritual health or if we neglect our spiritual health all together, we will suffer negative consequences.  We will all benefit greatly from a carefully considered spiritual diet that consists of well-prepared ingredients from the teachings of Jesus.

The Enemy of God

There are many different reasons why we might decide to eat an unhealthy diet.  Some people are unaware of what a healthy diet should be, some are too busy to eat properly, some are under great stress and eat to simply feel better emotionally.  Those who are neglecting their spiritual diet have many of the same issues – don’t know where to start, too busy, too stressed out by life to make time for God’s instruction.  The enemy of God is constantly placing obstacles in our way to distract us from moving closer to God.   We have to make a concerted effort to outsmart the enemy of God in order to acquire the spiritual nourishment we need.  The world we live in is filled with the enemy’s distractions.  Jesus wants us to move those obstacles out of the way and seek his instruction.

Daily Instruction

Because our world is so saturated with the enemy’s distractions, it’s important for us to reach out to Jesus every day for guidance.  Reading from the Bible, is of course, the most direct connection to God’s instruction; however, Bible reading is not the only source of instruction.  Reading devotionals written by trusted Bible scholars is another good tool.  Watching Christian devotional videos is another tool.  Attending a church service or watching an online sermon are also good tools to connect with God.   And of course, the tool that is most available to us is reaching out to Jesus in prayer.  Keep in mind, even if you’ve read through the entire Bible several times, it will never stop speaking directly to your personal needs each time you revisit those pages.

Hungry for Jesus

Some of the difficulty we have with finding time for Bible study is by design.  Jesus doesn’t want students that are not interested or are easily distracted.  Therefore, Jesus purposely allows the enemy to tempt us with other pursuits in order to make our journey more rewarding when we finally arrive ready to learn.  A desired destination is always more satisfying after a difficult trip.  Stop right now and remember the last time you were inspired by the teachings of Jesus.  Now consider the possibilities of what your life might be like if you make that connection a daily routine.  Staying spiritually healthy is not something you have to do on your own, you are constantly assisted by the Holy Spirit – all you have to do is ask, and the Lord will point the way toward a spiritual diet that will keep you safely in His hands every minute of your life.

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