Jesus: The Greatest Life of All

If you grew up in a Christian church you’ve probably studied the life of Jesus your whole life.  Even if you’re an unbeliever you’ve heard the name Jesus and you have some understanding of his story as presented in the Bible.  Most people have some knowledge of the life of Jesus, but for many this is a fragmented picture that could use some context and detail.

Noted author, pastor, and chancellor of Dallas Theological Seminary, Charles R. Swindoll, has compiled the accounts of Jesus taken from the four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, along with his own historical understanding of the times derived from years of study, and fashioned them into a chronological tale of the life of Jesus.  This richly textured story is full of the kinds of detail that bring the events to life in a remarkable way.

Swindoll, does a masterful job weaving together the history surrounding the life of Jesus, along with details about those who were in conflict with Jesus, as well as cross-referencing passages from the Bible outside of the gospels that bring light and context to the story.  In addition, Swindoll takes the time to point out the deeper lessons that can be learned every step of the way.

If you’re a mature Christian well versed in the life of Jesus, you’ll find this biography compelling and richly familiar.  It will be like sitting down with an old friend and sharing all your treasured memories.  Along with your trip down memory lane, you’ll have a wonderfully knowledgeable teacher directing you toward lessons you might have missed.

The beautiful thing about this book is it is also extremely accessible to the uninitiated.  Even if you’ve never read any of the Bible you will discover the details contained in this work will quickly bring you up to speed on all aspects of the gospels.  Swindoll’s thoughtful guidance will give you a clear perspective from which to plan you next move.  In fact, Swindoll will ask you in the last chapter to consider what your next step should be.  Will you become a follower of Jesus?

This book will confirm and uplift the faith of a believer and this book will make a great gift for someone who has not yet accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

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