Jesus is Truth and Light

Our human nature is something that has to be constantly checked and corrected.  We all have a tendency to do things the easy way, or the selfish way, or the way that is inconsiderate of others.  Of course, God wants us to consider others first, and to go the extra mile rather than barely giving enough.  When we have these thoughts that go against God’s desire for our life, we have to push them aside and focus on finding the light of truth that Jesus provides.

Eternal Life

Humans were created by God to live eternally; however, when Adam and Eve made the choice to follow their own desire rather than God – our ability to live forever was removed and we were assigned a time to die.  God of course, knew Adam and Eve would be overcome by their human nature because he created us in this way to set in motion thousands of years of practical lessons in what it means to trust God above all else. But God’s ultimate plan was always to return our ability to live eternally with him at an appointed time.

The Teachings of Jesus

Jesus came into the world to save us from our human nature.  The teachings of Jesus are the light that exposes our flawed human nature and they are the truth that points us in the right direction.  The death and resurrection of Jesus was a demonstration by God that he has complete control over death, and can therefore easily supply us with the ability to live forever.  When we place our faith in Jesus, and make a sincere effort to follow his teaching, we are once again granted eternal life in heaven.  When we walk in the light and truth that Jesus provides, we are demonstrating our complete trust in God.  As followers of Jesus, we are putting our selfish desires aside and seeking that which is the will of God in our lives.

The Darkness of this World

The world we live in is full of darkness; we see it every day in the lies and deception that is ever present all around us.  People in this world are seduced by money, lust, and power.  For some of us, these dark avenues are hard to avoid; however, when we make the decision to follow Jesus, we are at that moment blessed with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to be our guide and protector.  When we follow the internal voice of the Holy Spirit, we can be certain God is on our side pointing us in the right direction.


Those living in darkness have a profound fear of the light; they know the light of truth will expose their selfish deeds.  As believers, we have a duty to guide these lost souls toward the light.  God wants all of his creation to come to the light and he uses followers of Jesus to be his ambassadors of truth.    Our mission is not one of force or coercion; it is a diplomatic mission of thoughtful understanding and careful instruction that leads to salvation through Jesus.  We have to take advantage of every opportunity to expose any sliver of light on those living in the dark.  Truth and light are powerful tools that are undeniably connected to God, and when used properly will always lead away from the darkness of this world into eternal life in the kingdom of heaven.

Truth and Light Scripture