Jesus and the Weeds

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Jesus taught that the Word of God is the seed that will grow the kingdom of God.  Jesus also taught that the enemy of God is also planting seeds in an effort to disrupt the kingdom of God.  The enemy of God is planting seeds that will grow weeds intermingled with followers of Jesus.  These weeds are around us every day.  Some weeds are a minor distraction, while others are extraordinarily dangerous.  Of course, God is in complete control of these weeds and has a plan to eradicate them when Jesus returns.  In the meantime, believers are to use these weeds as a tool to help build the knowledge necessary to outsmart the enemy.

Good vs. Evil

The enemy’s weeds are an important part of God’s plan.  It may be difficult to fully understanding God’s rationale for allowing weeds to infiltrate our world; however, we can be absolutely certain that in the end, we will be praising God for the opportunity to develop our strength, wisdom, and enduring love by dealing with the enemy’s weeds on a daily basis.  Jesus taught that removing the weeds before the kingdom of God has fully developed would be detrimental to true believers. Clearly, living with weeds is an important aspect of our walk with the Lord.

Once a Weed

Of course, we were all weeds until we found Jesus.  Knowing Jesus is the awesome power that can turn a weed into a flowering bush or a towering tree.  The weeds we see today can be turned into something amazing in the blink of an eye.  Our mission as followers of Jesus is not to identify weeds – our mission is to direct weeds to a clear understanding of the power of Jesus. Our primary tool in this effort is the example we share with the world by letting the light of Jesus shine in our lives every day.  When our lives glow with the saving grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, others will see the joy in our heart and seek know more about our faith.

Our Eternal Existence

Keep in mind, our time spent in this world is a training period for our eternal existence with Jesus.  Praise God for providing us with the tools and experiences we need to fully develop our spiritual awareness as we travel toward eternity with Him.  Jesus wants us to know He is using the enemy’s deception to our advantage.  We can’t fully comprehend the awesome love of God unless we are also exposed to the challenges of evil.  What a blessing it is to know Jesus and follow His teaching out of the darkness of this world into the light of truth.  When we walk with Jesus, we are protected by the Holy Spirit and able to overcome everything the enemy uses to obstruct our path.  Praise God for His awesome love and guidance as we make our way toward His eternal kingdom.


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