It’s All About the Blood

I’ve been thinking about the blood and this is what I believe God placed on my heart to write.  I’m not even going to attempt to gather scripture to back up any of this.  As people like to say these days, “It is what it is.”  Consider this simply the thoughts of some guy from church.  I pray you find some meaning here.

God is spirit and so are we; although we live in these earthly bodies for the time being.  The spirit world that our God inhabits is eternal – it goes on forever.  God is preparing us to take our place in that eternal realm; however, the energy in that environment is pure and undefiled; we cannot occupy that space with a sinful nature.  Every sin disrupts the natural flow of the eternal spirit world of God.

Our current existence is completely dependent on the blood flowing through our bodies.  If the blood flow in our bodies is disrupted, negative things begin to happen.  If not corrected, a disruption to the blood flow in our bodies can lead to death.  Blood is our source of life.

God is the creator of the universe.  God created our source of life in connection with the eternal spirit realm.  The spiritual energy that keeps the eternal realm alive is the same ingredient that powers the blood that keeps us alive.  When the eternal realm is disrupted by sin, it can be patched with shed blood.  For hundreds of years the shed blood of animals was used to repair the damage done by sin.  That system was only temporary.  That system was put in place by God to prepare us for what was to come.

Blood is an extraordinary, almost magical substance.  I don’t believe it’s possible to fully understand how it works to animate our lives.  The eternal spiritual realm is also impossible for us to fully understand, but we know God is there – we know God is omnipresent; within the spirit realm God is able to be all places at all times.  These two mysteries are connected in such a way that one cannot be maintained without the other.

God’s final remedy to make the spirit realm accessible to our less than perfect sinful souls, was to administer a permanent patch.  If you are wondering why God simply did not make us perfect, I would suggest it is because only God can be perfect – there is none like him – therefore we need to be made perfect with his assistance.  God’s final remedy was to shed his own blood as payment for all of our sins now and forever.

In order to shed his own blood, God created a version of himself known as his Son Jesus Christ.  Jesus came to the earth to teach us that we are totally dependent on God for everything in our lives.  By acknowledging our total dependence on God through our complete devotion and love for him, we become worthy of his remedy for the sins that are preventing us from entering the spirit realm.  We demonstrate our love for God by following the teachings of his Son Jesus.  When we dedicate our lives to avoiding the evil that permeates this world and seek to walk in the light of Jesus, we become children of God.

Even though we will never shed our propensity to sin, all of our sins can be forgiven by placing our faith in Jesus and the blood he shed on our behalf.  It is our faith in the blood of Jesus that holds the spiritual realm together even though we remain imperfect.  The shed blood of Jesus is so powerful it can eliminate the disruption to the spiritual realm that our sin would cause – thus we have been made righteous – without sin – capable of eternal life in the spirit realm with God.

The spiritual realm is all around us.  It is the special connection we have with loved ones, it is the ability to inherently know right from wrong, it is the special feeling we have when we connect with any aspect of God’s creation.  We are strangers in this world and God has created a way to move us out of here and into his world where we can exist forever covered by his love.

Don’t try to understand any of this – we can’t.  But we can feel it.  That’s how we know it’s true.

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