Have You Been Born Again?

Jesus tells us we cannot enter the kingdom of God unless we are born again.  Our natural birth is how we entered this world and our spiritual birth is that which propels us into the kingdom of God.  Entrance into the kingdom of God is only granted to those who have achieved perfect righteousness; only salvation through Jesus Christ can supply that main ingredient.  When we place our faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus as payment for our misdeeds, and turn our back on our human nature in order to follow the teachings of Jesus, we are at that moment “born again” into our spiritual rebirth in the kingdom of God.

No Greater Love

God loves us so much, he sent his Son to die on our behalf so that we now have the opportunity to be “born again” into the kingdom of God.  Jesus tells us that whoever believes in him will be granted the gift of eternal life in the kingdom of God.  I think this is hard for some to accept or understand because it seems too simple.  If you’re “born again” I’m sure you’ve tried to share your faith with others that may have listened politely to your testimony but in the end rejected this gift from Jesus.  So why do some trust Jesus and others turn their back and walk away?

Apart from this World

Those that ignore the offer of eternal life from Jesus are so caught up in this world they are unwilling to make a spiritual connection that might jeopardize their fleshly desires.  Those who have yet to be “born again” are trapped in the endless cycle of their pursuit of things that make them feel good, material wealth, and personal status in this world.  Those who have been “born again” know all too well there’s nothing in this world that compares to knowing Jesus.  Knowing Jesus is peace which surpasses all comprehension, treasure in heaven, and the honor of becoming a true child of God.

Seek and Save the Lost

As “born again” Christians, our mission is to share this information with unbelievers; but in the end, it’s God that will bring about the needed change that will guide the lost to Jesus.  Some will come early in life and others will spend many years floundering around in this world trying to find something that simply doesn’t exist.  Jesus is the way to eternal peace, Jesus is the only source of truth, and Jesus is the path to eternal life in the kingdom of God.  As followers of Jesus, we can’t give up on those who are wandering around in the wilderness.  It is our duty to Jesus to continue pointing the way and to always be a guiding light toward salvation.

A Gift from God

The world we live in is filled with camouflage that hides the truth.  When Jesus walked the earth, he was rejected by many who witnessed his miracles.  We should not be surprised to find many still distracted by money, lust, and power; nevertheless, salvation is available to anyone who looks beyond this world into the spiritual truth Jesus provides.  God wants everyone to be “born again” but he only supplies this gift to those who sincerely participate in the process.  If you look for Jesus with all your heart, you will find him.  If you’ve been “born again,” share this message at every opportunity.  If you are still caught up in this world, take a long walk out in nature – God’s creation – and give some careful consideration to what it might be like to be “born again.”


Born Again Scripture