Growing with Jesus

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God has designed the plants, trees, and shrubs that are all around us to reflect precisely how the kingdom of God will develop.  If you are a follower of Jesus, you are one of God’s gardeners.  Your mission is to plant seeds that will grow the kingdom God.  Those who have not yet trusted Jesus as their Lord and Savior are potential gardens – some with fertile soil ready for planting and others with rocky soil not yet suitable for proper germination.  When the seed lands in fertile soil, the kingdom of God begins to grow.  The seed, of course, is the Word of God.  When God’s gardeners share the Word of God with unbelievers, the growth process begins.

The Power of Seeds

A tree as tall as a building can emerge from just a tiny seed.  This process was designed by God and demonstrates to all of us His awesome power.  When we hold seeds in our hand we are holding the extraordinary power of God in our hand.  Likewise, when we hold the Bible in our hands, we are holding the seed that will grow another member of the kingdom of God.  The Word of God has the ability to develop enormous spiritual growth in anyone who is willing to take hold of that seed and add the living water and light found in the teachings of Jesus.  Planting and growing a seed is a familiar process to all of us and Jesus taught that growing the kingdom of God is exactly the same as growing a tree from a tiny seed.

Gardener for Jesus

Throughout the years there have been many great evangelists dedicated to bringing lost souls to Christ.  If you are a Christian, you likely found your way to Jesus through the direction of a family member, friend, or one of these evangelists – in many cases it was likely a combination of all three.  Keep in mind, even the most anointed evangelist will tell you that they are nothing more than a gardener for Jesus.  These talented evangelists are better at preparing the soil for germination than others, but in the end it is the seed – the Word of God – that supplies everything needed to grow another committed follower of Jesus Christ.

How God Works

The garden in our backyard reveals to us how God works.  The soil needs to be prepared to receive the seed.  The seed needs to be planted.  Water and sunlight need to be provided for the growth process to begin and continue.  God uses family, friends, and evangelists to help prepare the soil.  The Word of God is the seed that needs to be planted.  The teachings of Jesus are the water and sunlight needed for germination and continued growth.  When a new follower of Jesus Christ begins to blossom, you can be certain God is ready to reap the harvest.  As believers, it is our duty to take advantage of every opportunity to take on the tasks of gardening for Jesus.

Germination Scripture