Free Food – Free Clothes – Free Gas

Free Food

And ingenious 18-year-old Girl Scout in Virginia, Haley Brown, used her artistic talents to conjure up a unique way to help feed those in need.  Haley collected the wooden pallets gathered from food shipments to the local food pantry and turned them into useful works of art.  She made towel racks, planters and other decorative items that were sold to provide additional money for more food for those in need.  You can read more about this thoughtful and talented teenager here.

Free Gas

The price of gas these days is often an overwhelming burden to struggling families.  Ironically, you have to spend money in order to have the ability to go make money.  A large church in Ohio decided to share their abundance with the local community by helping out with this heavy load.  With a few thousand dollars in hand, members of Victory Christian Center, in Liberty Township,  took over a local gas station in a distressed neighborhood and paid for the gas of over a hundred vehicles.  You can read more about this outreach event here.

Free Clothes

At the First United Methodist Church in Columbus, Mississippi a group of adult Sunday School women made a decision to stop talking about God and start doing something in His name.  Together they began collecting used clothing, found an unused garage to set up shop, and began The Father’s Closet supplying free clothes to those in need in their community.  Working together with the United Way and other organizations, these ladies are filling a gap in service and coordinating their effort so that local aid is not duplicated.  Learn about this example of service to God here.


How might you use your talent and resources to serve God?