Finding God on the Internet

Google reports that thousands of people search the Internet every month for “how to become a Christian” or a variation of that phrase.  And millions more search for other related terms as they use the Internet in their search for God.  Many people who have avoided God for many years tend to turn to the Internet when they finally decide to seek out more information on the Bible and the Christian faith.  It may be they are embarrassed to finally admit they need a spiritual connection in their lives.  It may be they simply want to make this journey on their own.  Whatever the reason, the Internet has become a place for many to seek out a deeper understanding of God, the Bible, and the value of attending a Christian church.

Internet Resources

Just about every church has a website these days and there are many other Christian organizations with websites that detail all aspects of the Christian faith.  Some sites are dedicated to helping unbelievers find God and others are designed to be used by believers as a faith sharing tool.  There is no question the Internet has become a tool many Christian believers are using to help God seek and save the lost.

What You Can Do

The Bible tells Christians to be ready to answer questions from unbelievers and many believe that God gives believers opportunities to share their faith from time to time.  One way to always be ready is to explore some of the Christian websites by doing a search of your own.  Pretend you are an unbeliever searching for the love of God and type in some search terms you might use to find the spiritual connection you are looking for.  It may also be a good idea to ask members of your church to recommend any sites that might be good resources for unbelievers looking for God.  Keep track of the sites you find that are valuable and organize them in some way so that you’ll be able to share them easily when the opportunity presents itself.

Do I Need to Go to Church?

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