Evaluating Your Faith

No matter what you’re doing, it’s always good to step back and evaluate your progress.  As followers of Jesus Christ, we are traveling through a world that is openly hostile to our mission.  It’s easy to get misdirected.  It’s easy to drift off toward the darkness and away from the light.  Below are links to several blog posts that will challenge you to slow down and take stock of your walk with Jesus.  I encourage you to pick one that resonates with your current situation and take a few minutes to read the post; then spend the rest of the day considering and praying about every aspect of what you’ve read.  Let the Holy Spirit guide you to any needed changes.  I pray the wisdom of God will fill your mind and His love will fill your heart as you consider how to perfect your faith.


Let God be Your Guide  (2 minutes)

God has a plan for your life, but He may not want you to know the details because He wants you focused on Him and not on that plan.


Finding God on the Internet  (2 minutes)

Many people turn to the Internet when they finally decide to seek out more information on the Bible and the Christian faith.

Old Time Religion

Do I Need to Go to Church?  (3 minutes)

Time alone with God in the wilderness is great, but fellowship with other believers is also God’s desire for you.


Are You Praying Too Much?  (3 minutes)

Connecting with God through prayer is also an opportunity to evaluate our own efforts and make necessary corrections.

The Way of Peace

The Way of the World is Not The Way of Peace  (5 minutes)

The way of the world is all about people traveling in the wrong direction. Once you find Jesus, you have found the way of peace.


What Does God Want From You?  (3 minutes)

Take this moment in time to separate yourself from this world and center your focus on your loving heart.  God will be pleased.


You are God’s Greatest Hope  (3 minutes)

In many cases, you are God’s greatest hope for service to individuals who happen to be in your life.  Look around, watch for God’s nudging.