Church and Community Working Together

Northside Church of Christ in Nashville, Tennessee, has joined together with other faith organizations, civic leaders, and businesses to serve God by serving the community in which they live.  Together they have formed an organization called CORE, Community Organized Renewal Efforts.  Essentially their concept is to connect people in need with people who have the talent and resources to help.  In addition, Northside has developed several ministries based on the talents and skills of their congregation, leveraging those gifts into a platform to serve the community.  Here are a few of the service projects that have evolved out of this commitment:

Community Center

Using local talent, they have developed free arts, crafts, and sewing classes for children and adults.

Community Cleanup

About 40 CORE volunteers took part in the annual Metro Nashville cleanup project.

Community Baby Shower

When a local pregnant woman was tragically shot in the stomach by a drive-by shooter, leaving her unable to work, the community came together to provide her with the essential needs to raise her new baby boy.

Community Development

Northside partners with several other churches and local businesses to develop needed programs for the community.

Trail Life USA

Trail Life USA is an outdoor adventure program for children designed to build character and leadership skills.

Art Classes

CORE volunteers provide free art classes with some free supplies for beginners.

Craft Classes

Free craft classes for adults include knitting, crochet, floral wreaths, scrapbooking, and more.

Sewing Classes

CORE volunteers provide instruction to beginning and intermediate students with free project supplies and sewing machines to be used in class.

This community outreach service is still evolving and is designed to be flexible, responding to the community as the needs arise and as talents and resources present themselves.  When churches and other community partners come together, there truly is no end to what can be accomplished.

Click on this link to visit the Northside CORE website for a more detailed look at this grand example of serving God by serving others.


How might you use your talent and resources to serve God?