Christianity has been buried under the clutter of denominational differences for far too long.  It’s time to dissect this beast and remove Christianity from the endless religious dogma that has destroyed the true essence of what it means to follow Jesus.  When Jesus claimed to be the Son of God, the Pharisees shouted “blasphemy.”  It may be that some will make this same claim when Christianity is dissected from religion.  Blasphemy – Christianity without Religion is a call to remove religious rituals, regulations, and unbiblical doctrine from the Christian faith.

Following Jesus has nothing to do with where you go to church or who your pastor or priest happens to be.  Christianity is about knowing God in an intimate way and following the teachings of his Son while depending on the power of the Holy Spirit to guide you.  You can maintain a sincere Christian faith without every stepping foot inside a church or becoming a part of any religion.  It’s not that these institutions are dangerous in any way; they are simply unnecessary.

God is calling each of us to a deeper and more meaningful relationship.  The Bible contains all the information needed to transform our connection to God into a source of great power.  Once you know where the treasure is buried, you will discover it’s completely possible to follow Jesus all by yourself, without the need of religion’s boundaries.

Blasphemy – Christianity Without Religion

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If you’re not completely happy with your church, or if you don’t attend church at all, it may be time for you to consider other possibilities.  “Christianity without Religion” is intended to help you discover a completely satisfying approach to your walk with Jesus.  Let the Bible be your guide to a uniquely personal connection with God.

Sincerely in Christ,

Mike Murphy

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