500 Words or Less

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WhatDoesItMeanToServeGod.com is dedicated to unlocking the full potential of the body of Christ.  Serving God is a simple matter of sharing God’s love with others; however, the world we live in is full of roadblocks and diversions intended to stifle our efforts.  I don’t like to give the devil too much credit, but from my perspective, he’s been fairly successful at keeping Christians fragmented and less productive than they could be.

As individuals, we all have personal struggles and daily tasks revolving around work or school that limits the time we can give to others.  In a church small group or within a group of close friends, schedules and other obligations get in the way of expanding our efforts outside of that group.  Because of subtle denominational competition, churches are often limited in how much they can collaborate with each other to provide services to those in need.

I know for a fact that every follower of Jesus Christ has a heart to serve God by serving others.  I also know for a fact that if every follower of Jesus Christ were able to serve at their full potential, we would see some miraculous things accomplished.  Right now, at this moment, somewhere in the world, there is someone who needs your help – someone for whom you have the talent and resources to help – the only problem is you don’t know who that person is.  The devil likes it this way.  As long as he can keep people who are able to help away from those who need help, he’s winning the game.  Our mission has to be to reverse this trend and bring those in need together with those who have the time, resources, and talent to serve those needs.

It seems to me the Internet could be a powerful tool in this regard.  The Internet has the ability to connect people, groups, and churches together with others from around the world.  In fact, technology in general is a real time saver that can open up avenues of service through things like automated text messaging to help find those who can help with a specific need; or building groups of people dedicated to a specific task that live in different parts of the world.  God has provided us with these amazing tools so that we can go into all the world.  Many are already using technology to serve God, but from my point of view, we have only just scratched the surface of what can be done.

I would like to hear your thoughts and experiences.  How might we as followers of Jesus Christ better serve God by serving others?  Click CONTACT and send me your 500 words or less point of view and I’ll post it here for all to consider.  If you have your own blog, let me know so that I can include a link with your post.  Let’s brainstorm.