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Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit

The teachings of Jesus are transformative when you take the time to apply them to your life in a meaningful way.  It’s not enough to simply read scripture; we need to carefully consider how the message Jesus provides fits into our personal perspective.  In this series, you will be directed to have a personal conversation with Jesus.  Together with Jesus, you will discover His path for your life going forward.  What follows are 33 of the most important teachings of Jesus.  You will be provided with a short video for each lesson along with a corresponding written text and links to each scripture so that you may read them in context should you so desire.  Each lesson only takes a few minutes to digest; however, you may spend more time if you choose to take a closer look at the scripture.

Connect with Jesus

After each lesson, you will be encouraged to answer a brief list of questions.  This is how you will connect with Jesus.  When you prayerfully consider each lesson as you answer these personal questions, you will be speaking directly to Jesus.  No one else ever needs to hear or see your answers – this will be a private conversation between you and Jesus.  You will be rewarded with deeper insights when you take the time to give more detailed answers to these questions.  You may also find it productive to write down your answers so that you can review them after you’ve had time for reflection.

Learn from Jesus

The most important aspect of this study is the teachings of Jesus.  There is great power in these 33 messages, so consider His words carefully.  Do your best to look into His eyes and hear each message as if it were spoken directly to you.  Answer each question as though you were speaking privately to Jesus.  If you complete all 33 lessons, you will have completed a master class in what it means to follow Jesus.

Three Easy Steps

1. Pray for God’s guidance through the Holy Spirit working inside of you.
2. Click the Link and Watch the video.

     For a deeper under understanding, read the accompanying text.

     Go even deeper by reading the scripture in context in the Bible.

3. Answer the suggested questions at the End of the Text

     Don’t just answer yes or no.  Carefully consider why you answered yes or no.

     For a deeper connection, write detailed answers with supporting explanations and examples.

     Go even deeper by reflecting on your answers – days, weeks, or months later.

Be Blessed by Jesus

You can complete this entire series in a few hours or extend your study over 33 days or longer.  In either case, if you prayerfully consider the words of Jesus and the prompting of the Holy Spirit, you will without question be blessed by the experience.

Pray with Jesus Right Now

Father God, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, we worship and adore you.  Fill our hearts with that which is your will and control our steps as we celebrate your approaching kingdom.  We look to you for all our basic needs and thank you for all that you provide.  Please forgive us Father, for all the mistakes we make along the way and soften our hearts so that we may forgive others.  Keep us safe from the enemy who wanders about looking to devour our souls.  Fill our minds with your wisdom and our hearts with your love.  Allow Your Holy Spirit to guide us as we seek to move closer to you in this personal study of your teaching.  We ask these things in the Holy name of Jesus.  Amen.

Scroll through the list and find the message that’s speaking to you today.  Click the link to watch the video.


In the Bible, the first thing we learn from Jesus is how to deal with temptation.

The devil uses three tools to manipulate all of us:
The Lust of the Flesh

Are you over-indulging in any way?

Are you seeking to gratify your personal desire rather than God’s desire for your life?

Can you feel the devil pushing you in the wrong direction?

Do you need to limit your fleshly desire in any way?

What can you do to move away from the devil’s temptation?

The Pride of Life

Do you sometimes take credit for the talents God has given you?

Have you ever made a point to let others know about your success?

Do you need to be more humble in certain situations?

How can you give God the glory in all your personal achievements?

What can you do to move away from the devil’s temptation?

The Lust of the Eyes

Are you preoccupied with a bigger house, newer car, or larger bank account?

Have you compromised your Christian principals to achieve a larger income?

Are you unsatisfied with what God has given you?

Do you need to rethink your desire for personal possessions?

What can you do to move away from the devil’s temptation?

Born Again

To be admitted into the kingdom of God, you must be born again.

Have you confessed to God your sinful nature?

Do you have genuine remorse for all of your misdeeds?

Do you believe Jesus was crucified, buried, and came back to life three days later?

Do you trust that Jesus has paid the penalty for your sins?

Have you put your faith in Jesus for His gift of eternal life?

Have you been born again?

How are you different than before you were born again?

Truth and Light

We all have to make a choice between light and darkness.

Are you aware of the darkness in this world?

Are you aware of the light of truth found in Jesus?

Are you seeking light or hiding in the shadows?

What do you know about the darkness found in this world?

What do you know about the light of truth found in Jesus?

Living Water

Water helps to sustain our lives.  Trusting Jesus provides eternal life.

Have you accepted the “Living Water” offered by Jesus?

How do you worship God?

Do you believe Jesus is the Savior of the world?

Do you share the story of your salvation with others?

Should the gift of eternal life be a hidden secret?

Jesus is Lord

Jesus very clearly claimed to be equal with God.

Are you convinced that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are one?

Do you honor Jesus as you honor God?

Do you feel connected to God by the Holy Spirit?

Do you have any doubt about the deity of Jesus?

Have you read the Bible verses that point to the deity of Jesus?

A Gift from God

Jesus taught that righteousness was needed to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.        

Do you understand that righteousness can only be attained as a gift from God?

Do you mourn the presence of disobedience in your life?

Are you willing to submit to God’s authority?

Do you have a strong appetite for a deeper understanding of God?

Do you have genuine concern for others?

Do you realize that your heart cannot be pure without Jesus?

Have you found peace with God?

Have you seen Christians persecuted by unbelievers?

Salt & Light

Jesus taught that believers should stimulate a thirst in others to know the Lord.

Does your life point the way toward Jesus?

Can others see the influence of Jesus in your life?

Do you share the gospel with others in some way?

Are you aware that what you say and how you act reflects on your relationship with God?

Is your life a light that glorifies Jesus?

The Law

Only Jesus can provide the kind of transformation that will make an individual acceptable to God.  Your relationship with Jesus fulfills the spirit of the law.

Do you understand the difference between the letter of the law and the spirit of the law?

Have you ever broken any of the Ten Commandments in fact or in spirit?

Do you understand it is impossible to achieve righteousness without Jesus?

Do you pray for those who persecute you?

Have you been transformed by Jesus?

For the Right Reasons

True righteousness does not seek attention.  True righteousness seeks the will of God and His blessing without recognition from others.

Are you praying, giving, or serving to impress others?

Are you content praying, giving and serving in private so that only God knows?

Are your public prayers directed to God or those around you listening?

Are you serving others for their praise or to bring glory to God?

Are your prayers to God personal, specific, and succinct?

The Lord’s Prayer

When we pray, we are to acknowledge God and worship Him, we are to demonstrate our trust and faith in Him, and we are to make our request known to Him as we confirm our dependency on Him.

Do your prayers include worship and a reverence for God?

Do your prayers include an expectation that God’s will is being carried out?

Do your prayers include a request for God’s assistance?

Do your prayers include remorse for your misdeeds?

Have you forgiven those who have aggrieved you in some way?

Do you pray for those who have aggrieved you in some way?

Are you praying for God’s protection from the enemy?

Your Treasure

Our most precious treasure is that which has been generated by a heart focused on serving God by serving others. 

How do you determine your own wealth?

What is your most precious possession?

Is your material bank account larger than your spiritual bank account?

What do you desire most in life?

Are you serving God or money?

Trust the Pilot

Jesus taught that we are to trust God.  The kingdom of heaven is our ultimate destination and we are to focus on that goal.

Have you put your complete trust in God?

What are the things you focus on daily?

Is serving God number one on your list?

Where are you going in your life?

The Plank in Your Eye

Rather than judging others, we are far better off to offer understanding and provide assistance of some kind.

Are you aware of your own misdeeds and limitations?

Have you ever judged someone without knowing all the facts?

Has your judgment ever been wrong?

Are you ready to forgive in all circumstance?

Have you encountered those who are not interested in hearing the truth?

Rock Foundation

The only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ.  When you stand firmly on that understanding your salvation is secure.

Are you in constant communication with God through prayer?

Do you love your neighbor as yourself?

Is your salvation the result of your work or the work of Jesus on the cross?

Have you encountered those who claim to be Christian but live a worldly lifestyle?

Is Jesus Christ your rock foundation?

The Harvest Field

Jesus said that the harvest is plentiful and the workers are few.  Is God calling you out into his harvest field to seek and save the lost? 

Do you feel an urge to share the gospel with others?

Have you ever assisted in a mission to spread the good news of Jesus Christ?

Are there people in your life who need to hear the gospel message?

What is the best way for you to share the gospel with others?

Are you aware of people who simply don’t want to be bothered with God?

Sharing the Good News

Our eternal existence depends on our connection to Jesus.  This is why we should be diligent about sharing that connection with others.

Are you aware of those who are opposed to followers of Jesus?

Are you secure in expressing your faith in Jesus?

Are you ready to answer anyone who has a question about your faith in Jesus?

Do you trust the Holy Spirit to guide you in helping unbelievers find God?

Is there something more you could do to share the gospel with others?

My Yoke is Light

When you take on the yoke of Jesus, you are making a commitment to follow His teaching.

Do you understand that the only way to know God is by knowing Jesus?

Are you freely following the teachings of Jesus?

Do you understand that only Jesus can provide salvation – not any rules?

Do you understand that loving your neighbor fulfills all the rules?


Jesus rose from the dead and now sits at the right hand of God.  Our response to this fact determines our eternal destiny.

Do you believe in the miracles of Jesus?

Do you believe Jesus has the power to overcome the devil?

Is there evidence in your life that demonstrates your trust in Jesus?

Are all the people you know aware you have trusted Jesus?

Do you believe firmly in the resurrection of Jesus?

Bible Study

God wants us to demonstrate our sincerity by actively pursuing a comprehensive study of His Word.

How much time have you spent studying the teachings of Jesus?

How knowledgeable are you in regard to the teachings of Jesus?

Does Jesus have your full attention?

Is this world pushing you away from spending more time with Jesus?

Have you asked the Holy Spirit to guide you in your study of the Word of God?


The Word of God, when properly planted, has an astonishing ability to sprout and grow committed followers of Jesus Christ.

How did your faith in Jesus develop?

Did someone plant a seed in your life by sharing the Word of God?

Have you shared the Word of God to plant a seed in someone else?

Are you amazed by how God works in your garden to make plants grow?

Do you believe the Word of God can grow new followers of Jesus?


Jesus wants us to know He is allowing evil to flourish to some extent in our world.  He also wants us to know that he is in full control of these weeds and will eradicate them in the end. 

Are you aware of the battle between good and evil in this world?

Do you believe the enemy is working to disrupt God’s purpose?

How have you seen the enemy working in your life?

How have you seen the enemy working in the lives of those around you?

What value is there in being challenged by the enemy on a regular basis?

One Man

Christianity was started by one man – Jesus – who was sent by God to earth to save humans from death caused by unrighteousness.

How has the life of Jesus affected your life?

Are you amazed by the growth of Christianity?

Is Christianity still growing where you live?

What might hamper Christianity from continuing to grow?

What part do you play in the growth of Christianity?

Bread Making

Like the yeast in bread dough, the Holy Spirit is an invisible force that generates a profound change that radiates outward to impact our whole life.

Can you feel your Christian faith growing and developing day by day?

What might impair your growth as a Christian?

Are you aware of the Holy Spirit working inside you?

Have you looked closely at the parables of Jesus?

Do you understand the teachings of Jesus today, better than you did a year ago?

A Fine Treasure

The ultimate price has been paid for our Salvation.  God sacrificed His Son so that we might be free from our sin and thereby obtain the righteousness of God.

Have you studied the story of the Israelites in the Old Testament of the Bible?

Are you aware that God considers His creation to be a treasured possession?

Have you prayerfully considered the price Jesus paid for you on the cross?

Do you feel the love God has for his treasured possession?

Are you following Jesus to the kingdom of heaven?

Panning for Gold

Like the miner panning for gold, Jesus has no use for those who have turned away.  He will be seeking out His followers as the precious gold that will remain with Him throughout eternity.

Do you understand how we are useless to God without our Salvation through Jesus?

Are you aware there are some who will not make it into the kingdom of heaven?

Can you see how the righteousness provided by Jesus makes you valuable to God?

Have you seen the kind of evil in this world that needs to be discarded by God?

Do you feel you are securely in God’s hands?


Jesus obediently served His Father while humbly serving all of us by paying the price for our transgressions. 

Do you have a childlike reliance on God?

Have you totally given yourself over to the Lord?

Are you serving God by serving others?

Do you put God first, others second, and yourself last?

Are you following the nudging of the Holy Spirit without hesitation?

What Matters

What matters is that you have put your faith and trust in Jesus.  What matters is that you are making a sincere effort to follow the teachings of Jesus.

Have you encountered someone who believes their Christian church is superior to yours?

How can you identify a true Christian?

What is the most important factor in your Christian faith?

Are all Christians exactly the same?

Do you believe the enemy is trying to divide Christians?


We will never be perfect.  We will always need to be forgiven.  Jesus wants His believers to forgive each other in the same manner that He has forgiven us.

Do you have a hard time forgiving those who betray your trust?

Are you hurt when others won’t forgive your missteps?

Are you thankful for God’s mercy and your salvation?

Do you extend God’s mercy from your heart to those who harm you?

Do you seek understanding above retribution?


Those who are out for “personal glory” should be avoided.  Those who are focused on bringing glory to God are likely speaking truth.  Our greatest source of truth is the Word of God.

Have you identified someone who is preaching about Jesus for personal gain?

Are you aware of those who are using Christianity to acquire great wealth?

Have you experienced humble, glory to God teaching, that seeks no material reward?

Are you involved in your own personal study of the Bible?

Do you confirm that which you are taught with your own personal Bible study?

The Enemy

Make no mistake about it, we are in the midst of a great battle between good and evil.  Jesus has come to save us.  The devil is out to destroy us. 

Are you aware of the distinction between good and evil?

Do you recognize that there are many who have been deceived by the enemy?

Have you accepted the understanding that the devil is as real as God?

What are you doing to avoid the deception of the enemy?

What are you doing to help others avoid the deception of the enemy?


Those who are wealthy with material gain tend to become slaves to their possessions.  Jesus taught that we are far better off becoming slaves to God by serving others.

Do you depend more on your personal possessions than you do God?

Does your bank account give you more comfort than God?

Have you discovered the value of serving God by serving others?

Are you able to trust God for all that you need?

Are you seeking a reward in this world or the world to come?

Ready to Serve

Those of us who are followers of Jesus Christ should consider ourselves as His servants and be dedicated to making preparation for His return.

Are you preparing for the return of Jesus?

Are you maintaining that which God has provided in a manner He will appreciate?

Are you diligently serving God by serving others?

Do you look every day for God’s direction in your life?

If Jesus returns today, are you ready?

The True Vine

Jesus presented the heart of His teaching in a vivid illustration that every gardener will understand.  Jesus calls Himself the vine and God the Father the gardener.

Is your connection to Jesus producing the fruit of love?

Do you consider how you can do everything with love in your heart?

Have you experienced the power of the Holy Spirit protecting you from the enemy?

Have you felt God’s hand nurturing you toward fruitful growth?

Do you demonstrate your love for others by sharing the truth about Jesus?





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