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3 Minute Video Contest

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Anyone with a smartphone can be a filmmaker these days. Your creative talent is no longer limited by your inability to afford a truckload of film-making equipment.  Simply pull out your phone and start recording God working all around you.  It’s time to put your faith into action by serving God while serving others; then record those moments and share them with the world. Your effort may be the stimulus that encourages others to expand their spiritual connection to God by reaching out to those in need.

The Contest

This contest is opened to followers of Jesus Christ who have a desire to share His message with the world.  Entries should reflect the Essential Doctrines of Christianity.  The goal is to inspire viewers to move closer to God by serving others.

Your Assignment

Working alone, or with a team, consider all the people who are close to you; including your friends and extended family.  Select someone within that group that can use some help cleaning and/or maintaining their home.  Approach that person with an offer to help and find out specifically what they need.  Working alone, or with a team, schedule and perform the needed work.

Things to include in your film:

How you selected the person to serve

How that person responds to the offer of help

The complete service project

The results – the reaction of the person served and the reaction of those performing the service

Include depictions of prayer and at least one Bible verse either spoken or printed on screen.

Your completed video should be precisely 3 minutes long – not a little longer or a little shorter.


By submitting a video to this contest you are granting permission for it to be posted on YouTube.  Do not use copyrighted music to avoid those YouTube restrictions.

Winning Video

The winning video will be selected by a combination of viewer votes and the personal judgment of WhatDoesItMeanToServeGod.com.  As a result, the video with the most votes may not be selected as the ultimate winner.

Tips and Tricks

This contest is opened to anyone who has a video camera of any kind.  Film students and established filmmakers with access to professional equipment and editing software are welcome to participate.  This should not intimidate those who are working with a smartphone video camera and free video editing software which can be found online.  Ultimately, the winning video will be the one that includes the most sincere expression of Christian faith and has the ability to inspire others.  This may be more a case of what you’re filming rather than your technical expertise.  Absolutely anyone can enter this contest and win.

If you need video editing software, do a search for free video editing software and you’ll find several options.  Do another search for Royalty Free Music and you’ll find lots of music you can use that does not have copyright restrictions.  Not all videos need music.

Many amateur filmmakers discount the importance of good audio.  A well-balanced audio track is as important as the video.  Make sure everyone speaking can be heard and that any background music remains in the background.  Keep the volume levels consistent so that the viewer is never surprised by something that is too loud or misses an important bit of dialogue because something is too quiet.

Finally, this should be a documentary style film that records real events.  Contrived stories depicting actors are not allowed.  The goal is to capture honest emotions as they happen.

Contest Ends October 15th